How to start a
commercial cleaning business

Learn how to start a commercial cleaning business.

Learn how to start a commercial cleaning business and make a living in this expanding field.

The commercial cleaning business offers lucrative opportunities, including small office and corporate-office cleaning, factory and industrial buildings, hospital and medical complexes, restaurants, campuses, shopping malls, civic buildings, theaters, and more.

As you can see, commercial cleaning is a business that has few limits. Virtually every commercial or public pursuit is housed in a building or complex that requires regular cleaning and maintenance.

Here are some ideas about how to get your new business up and running quickly.

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3 Steps to starting a commercial cleaning business

1. First, recognize that you are free to choose exactly what your focus will be. The choices are endless. Working for yourself means it is up to you to define the limits of your cleaning business. So how do you decide which direction to go?

Consider this classic business advice: Find a need and fill it. Guaranteed, if you look into it, you’ll find that the most successful businesses in your town have done precisely this. You can learn from them.

2. Make a list of the businesses, services, and organizations in your community. Just begin with the ones you know about. Make your list as long as possible. Don’t edit in this stage.

Who do you know? Jot down the name and number of anybody in your circle of friends or acquaintances that might be in a position to get you hired. 

Current trends indicate that large commercial businesses downsize, and outsource their cleaning and maintenance needs. So you are right in the swing of the current trends. No question, this is an economically brilliant time to learn how to start a commercial cleaning business in your city or community.

3. Research companies and organizations in your city, town, or community to see who uses commercial cleaning services. Start going down your list methodically, checking off potential clients and jotting down your findings. 

Use a spreadsheet or app that gives you a way to record their address and phone numbers, contact names, and date of contact.

Now start! Call the first company on your list and inquire about their needs for commercial cleaning. You’ll find that many of these businesses will tell you they already have a cleaning crew. Never mind. Just keep their info on your list anyway. Cleaning crews change out over time for many reasons. 

No limits in commercial cleaning

Take thorough notes of your conversations with each company. This method will pay off immensely as you learn how to start a commercial cleaning business. 

There truly are no limits in the business of commercial cleaning. By starting with a list of possibilities, then methodically making it happen, you can effectively learn how to start a commercial cleaning business of your own.

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