How to grow a cleaning business

How to grow a cleaning business

We get a ton of emails and calls from people that already have a cleaning service business and they want to make it more profitable and functional. The Clean Up Now System has a whole section devoted to fine tuning your existing cleaning company.

Let's break it down into four fundamental domains. By doing this you are not stacking up your efforts within the same approach. For exampled you can create and manage a new Facebook and Twitter page. But those are both social media platforms and fall under the category of online promotions.

We are going to use a fancy business theory known as Integral Theory and start with 4 primary domains to focus our attention. 

#1. Personal Habits

How can you improve your personal business habits to grow your cleaning business?

Here are some ideas:

  • Get up 1 hour earlier to get more done.
  • Eat better so you have more energy.
  • Exercise so you can work longer hours without fatigue and avoid injuries.
  • Talk to people more often and tell them what you do.

#2. Behavior in the world

Explore new environments and network within those worlds. You are probably a creature of habit as all people are, but you can learn to break out of those habits and expand your circle of influence. Explore different communities, be curious, get out there and expose yourself to new experiences, it will result in new clients. It always does.

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Are you using the built in systems to your advantage? We often do not even take a critical look at the systems that we are embedded in, day in and day out. Electrical, plumbing, sewer, roadways, traffic lights, communication technology are all examples of societal systems. But what are some systems that we can focus on to improve the visibility of effectiveness of our cleaning business?

Here are some local systems that you can always make more and better use of:

  • The Internet
  • The phone
  • Texting
  • Email
  • Social Media Apps.
  • Online forums.
  • Strolling through stores and shops.
  • Public spaces like a city park.
  • Public transportation (if you live in a big city).

#4 Cultural groups.

Where do people gather and make conversation? Go there and make conversation and talk about your business. Find groups that you have a genuine interest in. We have a small breed dog Meetup group. I have been in hobby groups such as modeling or kayaking. Join several Meetup groups and get out there and meet new people. You are in the service industry, often someone needs your services. Services such as cleaning are actually pretty easy to bring up in conversation.

Here are some ideas:

  • Rotary Club
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • BNI (Business Network International)
  • Facebook groups
  • Meetup groups
  • Adult education
  • Local college functions
  • Church functions

Try to take each of these domains and brainstorm new ideas and approaches you could take within each one. The goal is to make sure you are focusing on all 4 and not just one or two. This should increase the effect of your efforts and diversify the outcomes which will expand your brand.

Grow your cleaning business as you play with new ways of being.

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