How to get a janitorial job

How to get a janitorial job

First, determine whether you want a job with a janitorial service, or would rather start your own janitorial service. You might want to do both. An excellent way to get into the janitorial business is start by working for an established service for six months, and learn the business from the inside. Then when you are ready, launch your new business and put your experience to work. Starting a janitorial service is not as difficult as you might assume, especially if you hire a mentor.

If your wish is not to be self-employed, but instead to land a job with an existing employer, go about it systematically. Explore all the services in your area and create a spreadsheet for recording your findings. Contact each company, if possible, meet and shake hands with the decision-makers, and personally hand them your resume.

If you are more intrigued by starting your own janitorial service than working for someone else, then you will need to find a business method to teach you the business, and so you can learn tactics to implement.

Using the internet?

Many people spend scads of perfectly good working hours trying to save time finding a job online. In my experience, job hunting online takes even more time and energy than heating the pavement. It just seems like less work to people because you do not have to leave your house, or even get off your chair.

The problem is, most of the data – data that you spent all those hours setting up on various sites – just sits there. Those sites are designed to harvest data and then monetize it. Not one of them actually cares whether or not you get a job out of your efforts there. These sites are also geared towards white-collar professionals and the sorts of jobs they would search for. Frankly, your time is much better spent getting in front of someone with the desire and the power to hire you! In other words, don't waste your efforts. Go directly to the source.

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How to get janitorial jobs

If your goal is to land a handful of janitorial jobs for yourself, then that is a whole different set of intentions and tasks. First, plan to operate your cleaning service as a business. We have written about how to do that extensively on this website.

The order that you need to proceed is:

1. Get a plan in place

2. Register your business

3. Find a mentor & business method that you can follow

4. Lunch by marketing direct

5. Guarantee long term success by marketing broad

6. Grow through refinement

The most important bit is this: Find a business methodology to follow and work within. This is vital because 80% of all new cleaning businesses fail to meet their goals. Business owners that succeed recognize that it is important to know what to expect, especially the obstacles, prior to designing your business.

The only way to see down the road that lies ahead is to get an outside opinion. So getting a janitorial job depends in large part on finding an experienced professional that has navigated those waters before.

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