House cleaning supplies checklist

house cleaning equipment and supplies checklist

Here is a comprehensive list of equipment and supplies you will need to do professional house cleaning. Keep in mind this is an idealized list, I started my cleaning business with 5 tools and a backpack. The more tools you have the better prepared you will be but also the more bogged down you will be on the job as far as being agile and mobile. Know that a professional house cleaner moves around a lot, you need to keep it simple while having enough tools for whatever comes up. You have to achieve a balance between the two.


Cleaning caddy

use this to hold solvents and cleaning utensils. Get a medium size that you can carry everything but not too big to be a total pain to drag all over the job site.

Light duty scrub pads

Don't get cheap ones, the dye runs. All natural color with no dyes is best. Do not go cheap on sponges, it makes no financial sense, it is the most critical tool in your toolkit and they are relatively cheap anyhow.

Microfiber scrub pads

These are best for kitchen and bathroom use.

Mini grout brush

For cleaning grout on tile walls and counters.

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Cleaning supplies checklist continued

Soap scum remover

I used Simple Green concentrate back in the day to break up soap scum. These days I would use a Magic Erasure pad with a solvent.

Glass cleaner solution

Windex or the like if you are into the conventional solvents otherwise we have healthy cleaning formulas that you can get with a free subscription to our newsletter.

Micro Fiber Cloth

Color-coded microfiber cloth, no cheap uni-colored Amazon rags! Get the real microfiber cloth pack from an automotive supply store. They are color coded for different surfaces and they are way better and last longer.

Waffle cloth

You can use this on showers and tubs if the job calls for it.

Bon Ami Powder

Used on white surfaces that need a little abrasive action like a plastic shower wall or a porcelain sink with stains in the micro cracks. It is better than Ajax which is usually not necessary. Use with Magic Erasure pad to be even more effective.

Diatomaceous Earth (food grade)

A nice alternative to Ajax. Check out our CleanZine Newsletter to find out how to use this amazing natural cleaner.

Pumice stone stick

This is used for toilet bowl rings and marks on porcelain. There are other nifty uses as well. 

commercial cleaning equipment

Cleaning supplies equipment

Vacuum cleaner

Much can be written about vacuum cleaners and there are a ton of choices out there. I am not going to get into brands right now, but when choosing a vacuum there are only three things to focus on primarily along with purchasing from a reputable company.

1. Lightweight

2. Strong suction – power rating

3. Quality build - reputation

Make sure it is as powerful as you can get while being as light as possible. Check online reviews for the quality of the build. We have a whole section in the Clean Up Now system about vacuums!

Microfiber Mop

A typical mop does more harm than good by spreading dirt around and even distributing it farther afield! Only use a high-quality micro-fiber mop that actually traps water and does not spread it around. You rarely need to use a mop when house cleaning. It is typically used for much larger commercial spaces.

Dust Mop Pads

For dry buffing and damp polishing floors.

Rubber Gloves

You'll need some heavy duty rubber gloves to keep your skin from getting all gross! The property owner will expect it as well. Always have way more than you need on hand, buy in bulk.

Toilet bowl brush

There is usually one on site. It's kind of gross to carry one with you! But, better have a backup. If you do carry one with you soak it in alcohol/water mixture over nite while not using.


Natural Floor Cleaner

When cleaning wood floors great care must be taken. The best way to play it safe is to use a floor cleaner that does not have oil in it, nor chemicals. The best solution is to make your own natural formulas (which you can get for free when you sign up for our CleanZine Newsletter. You can search for non-chemical wood floor cleaners. Never use another kind of floor cleaner on hardwood floors! Be very careful with wood floors, it is a very expensive mistake to make.

Short and Long Dusters

Foe knocking down dust from high and hard to reach places.

Window squeegee (Assorted Sizes)

Use on shower glass, sliding door windows, mirrors and on some tile/stone walls.

Cleaning Apron

Your call! It causes more issues than it helps, in my experience but many cleaners swear by them. Alternatively, you can get a uniform that does not restrict your movement, which was the issue I had.


This may be too expensive a luxury for a cleaning business startup but you will eventually want to get them for it is much more professional and saves your clothes from being ruined. You will need several sets so you can keep them washed. Get the embroidered with a logo.



  • Disposable cleaning gloves
  • Dust Mitt
  • work shoes and shoe Covers
  • Knee Pads
  • Laundry Bags
  • Plastic Scrapers

We hope this house cleaning equipment and supplies checklist has been useful for you with your professional cleaning business.

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