House cleaning business tips

house cleaning business tips

Here are some house cleaning business tips you should consider before you start your cleaning company. Many people just jump in an get into trouble and with a little research and brainstorming all the unnecessary heartache can be avoided.

Research legal structures

Before you decide to throw yourself completely into a cleaning service business venture, make sure that the appropriate legal structure is going to work for you and your life circumstances. Many people start out in a business as a Sole Proprietor (the default structure if you do not file one) and later have to convert to a different structure and this can be expensive and in rare circumstances even fatal to your business. You want to carefully consider the structure and planning of your cleaning company before you decide to start it, not after you have already launched and committed to the start-up process.

There other considerations to research beforehand as well....

Carefully consider your name (and slogan)

Don't just get hung up on a 'cool' name for your cleaning company. There are considerations that are not obvious to a newbie business entrepreneur. What if you may want to (or have to) sell the business down the road. It will be much harder to sell JR's Kustom Klean than The Boston Cleaning Company. You also need to consider how the name affects both the marketing of your business online and social media integration. JR's Kustom Klean is a fun name, but not a good one when it comes to domain names looks sketchy (read spammy) to search engine algorithms. It is also kind of confusing to the visitor. Is it JR's or Juniors?

Other considerations are:

  •  Branding
  •  Local vs nationwide effectiveness
  •  Accidentally offensive
  •  Does it tie in the locality?

There are many more considerations with naming your business, you can learn more here.

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Seek professional mentoring

The biggest mistake cleaning start-ups make is to not to acquire the services of a professional mentor with both real world cleaning experience but also with coaching and teaching education and experience.

There are many aspects of the business that are not easy to guess your way through. You may learn as you go and survive, but it will cost you much time and money and may even cost you your business!

We hope these house cleaning business tips have helped you with your decision to start your own cleaning service.

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