House Cleaning Business Cards dos and dont's

house cleaning business cards

House cleaning business cards come in handy for helping to spread the word about your new cleaning business. However, that's not everything a business card can do.

Business cards play a starring role in an overall branding, marketing and selling approach. They are tidy and easy to give away with a smile and a handshake. They can help you reach your business goals by making it easy for people to remember and contact you. The image, design company name and slogan on your cleaning business card should work together to reflect the personality of your service. Creating an overall company image, also known as branding, helps you reach your customers and sell your service.

Try this. Think of three large companies you are familiar with, companies that have distinguished themselves as unique in the multi-million dollar industries of autos, agricultural equipment, and lingerie. The ones I have in mind have instant name recognition. Not only that, but each brand name immediately brings with it a catalog of associated visuals, scads of information, judgments, and opinions about the product or service.

What images spring into your head when you hear these names? 

FedEx. John Deere. Victoria's Secret.

Reliable delivery. Quality riding mowers. Racy underwear.

Branding is about creating an overall image that instantly defines what your company is all about. In addition, it distinguishes you from others in your field. Granted, your cleaning business may be a small venture in comparison to the corporate giants. However, branding is as important to a small business as it is to a large one. Let me tell you why.

Your brand can attract customers, create repeated business, and develop customer loyalty. Think about the businesses you frequent. What brings you back again and again? Your favorite companies know they must consistently deliver what their customers want. Whether that's fast results or great coffee, they will deliver it. If they don't, they know they'll lose their edge, and their customers will move on to find another business where they will get what they want. As a business owner, your success depends on attracting business and developing customer loyalty. Choosing and developing an appropriate brand can help your customers relate to you, get familiar with your service, and return time after time.

Your brand should reflect your cleaning company's core values. If your company wants to be known for excellence and customer satisfaction, the company name, images and slogans you use should line up with those virtues.

  • Who are your customers? Find out what they want. Choose a brand that speaks to them.
  • Analyze your brand to make sure it reflects the reality. Can you deliver what you promise?
  • Bear in mind that your company name and slogan must reflect the reality, or it may do more harm than good.

If you spread house cleaning business cards around your town claiming to be Cleveland's Fastest House Cleaners, you better be darn quick, or your professional reputation will suffer.

  • Stick to it. Changing your name will result in confusing your customers. Be consistent.
  • Don't try to please everyone. You can't. Define your niche and find your customers.
  • Get real. Define and focus on what your company provides, not what you wish to provide.

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What is different about your house cleaning business?

Think about the qualities that distinguish your cleaning company from the rest of the herd. In your customers' minds, how do you stand apart? Branding your home cleaning company is about creating an image in keeping with your purpose. Your brand should radiate a clear message that your cleaning company provides excellent work and prides itself in customer satisfaction.

First impressions count, especially with house cleaning! Make a good first impression because it will only happen once. Whenever a potential customer picks up your cleaning business card, goes to your web site, or shakes your hand, they are formulating their opinion of you. It only takes a few seconds.

Always be aware of being judged and sized-up by your clients, especially new ones. They don't know anything about you, so they will formulate impressions based on the look of your business card, as well as on your appearance and behavior. If you are sloppy, use questionable language in their home or place of business, or otherwise make them feel uncomfortable, you will not get the job.

Your cleaning business cards help to create your overall professional image. This image is as important to a small cleaning company as to a large corporate one.

House cleaning business cards examples

Here are a ton of examples of house cleaning business cards on Pinterest.

Here are a ton more on Google Image Search.

Cleaning service business card templates are included with our cleaning business start-up system.

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