Free carpet cleaning
business plan

business planning for your carpet cleaning business

Are you looking for a free carpet cleaning business plan to use for a new business?

Here are some uncommon perspectives you should know about a business plan and how to use it with your carpet cleaning service.

There are usually 7 -10 sections to a cleaning business plan.

The common structure of a business plan is:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Organization & Management
  • Service or Product Line
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Financial Projections
  • Funding Request
  • Appendix

It is vitally important that you stick to this format, especially if you are seeking to fund your start up. There has been some talk online about getting creative with the stale business plan format, but I think in most of those cases it has been a revolutionary online business start-up that was NOT looking for conventional funding. There is nothing revolutionary about a carpet cleaning business! Your best bet is to stick with the format that financial institutions know and like.

Do you need funding to start a carpet cleaning business?

A carpet cleaning business is more costly to start up that other cleaning niches such as residential or window cleaning and that is due to the cost of the equipment that is required for carpet cleaning. You will likely need between $5,000 - $10,000 in start-up funds to get started with a full time cleaning service. If you cannot afford that without borrowing, then your business plan will be vitally important to securing that funding.

Once you have your free carpet cleaning business plan to use, you need to know the best way to format the document and the best-practices language to implement to get the most positive effect out of the plan.

carpet cleaning business planning

Be very careful with your sale projections

They need to be based on something other than what you HOPE happens or what you think would be cool! You need to do some research and provide stats, you need real data from businesses and markets that are already documented. This plan will be used to secure funding and that is the key section for the lending institution.

A Blueprint

What many new entrepreneurs do not realize is that the business plan is also a blueprint for the business owner to keep themselves on track with the original vision, to safeguard against objective creep. It is one thing to be fluid with your business, to surf the waves of change, but you also need a structure that you stay within to keep the business solid and stable.


You should revisit your business plan each year and SAVE past years business plans so you can track what changes are occurring and if they are conscious or just creeping that you were not aware of.

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Online Resources

SBDCNet - How to use a business plan 

SBA - How to write a business plan

The business plan may be freely available online, but how to create it and use it is the real challenge and knowing the context is vitally important as well.

Learn more about carpet cleaning business planning

Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions you may have about starting your own carpet cleaning business.

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