Domestic cleaning service business expansion techniques

domestic cleaning service business expansion techniques

Benefits of the service business

There are countless benefits to owning and operating a domestic cleaning service business. Exuberant growth in new branches of the business, such as green cleaning, or in expanded services that address tasks such as errand-running and office organizing, are a few of the top reasons for getting into the business of cleaning.

People skills count

People who clean for a living recognize the highly personal nature of the work. No two customers are alike, and people often have strong ideas about what types of solutions should be used on their own furniture and other belongings. With good reason, house-cleaning customers tend to be extremely picky about who they will allow into their home. If you want to start a domestic cleaning service business it would be best to hire employees who can achieve professional cleaning standards, but who also possess exceptional people skills. Professionalism and efficiency balanced with an upbeat personality is a winning combination for communicating with teammates and customers.

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When designing your cleaning service, plan ways to co-create a healthy work culture for all employees – from management on down the line. It will help to get an objective analysis of your company from an outside perspective. Healthy people make better employees, not simply because they are less likely to suffer from illnesses and miss work, but also because when we feel good in body, we tend to have a happier outlook on life and work in general.

Make time for engaging in team-building activities which create mutual respect, compassion, and trust. Genuine encouragement from the management trickles down and is reflected in the rest of the team. Crews need to be reasonably fit in order to fulfill the cleaning routines satisfactorily and in a timely way. They must also be able to lift heavy objects such as vacuum cleaners.

Rare excellence – Good customer service

Most people know how crucial it is to give excellent customer service, yet it is still a rare commodity. Why is this? Delivering great service and being sensitive to the customers' needs are super important in the cleaning business. But good attitudes and effort on the part of the team are really only part of the picture. Some companies depend regularly on a few employees who will work hard and fast to please the customer and pick up slack from other workers. But that is not a sustainable route to success, nor is it a recommended way to run any business. Especially in the service sector. All hands must be on-deck to create a vigorous and profitable cleaning service business.

You must design your company so your employees are supported in serving well casually. In other words, the systems that run your business have more to do with delivering great service than happy, positively-minded employees. The key is to know how to build smart systems into the very design of your company.

Great service is not made possible by running the business harder and faster on the backs of a few extraordinary people. It's made possible – profitable, sustainable, and scalable – by designing a system that sets everyone up to excel.” Uncommon Service: How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business.

Owning and operating a domestic cleaning business is an excellent way to earn a consistent salary and provide a service that is always in demand. Invest in creating a healthy company all-around, take pains to deliver uncommonly good customer service, and your cleaning service business will thrive in the long-term.


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