Creative ways to use cleaning business cards

cleaning business cards

Creative ways to use cleaning business cards for your cleaning service.

Cleaning business cards have become somewhat trite in many peoples mind. They are considered old school and it can be hard to see the point in using them in this interconnected online social media era. You can read a popular criticism here.

It would be a mistake to discount having a cleaning business card entirely. Business cards are still very useful and fill a marketing niche that no other medium can replace. The trick is to get creative with your cleaning business cards.

Timing is everything with a business card. If your card has a service that the comer by happens to need then it will trigger their "kasmit' response. Hey, it's a sign - literally.

The obvious way to use business cards is to hand them out during a conversation with an interested party. That's great and effective, but there are many more creative ways to use them.

Drop the card!

Don't just hand it out, actually drop it on the floor or the street. A slew of people will walk over your card and someone will pick it up. If they saw you drop it, they may even alert you and you can start a conversation. If you are at a party, drop it on the floor. Many of the people will walk over it and that unusual flash exposure will trigger their flash memory and they will tend to remember both the incident and the card.

Clip a pen to it
The pen will draw their attention and peak their curiosity about the business card. And who does not love getting a free pen.

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At the checkout

When you are checking out at a store, leave your card on the counter or in front of an item in the rack. People get bored when they are standing in line and will look around. You know you do it. Put your card in front of these people. Again, timing is the key, the person that is interested will take it, but even if they are not particularly interested, they still saw your name and it is in their mind and because it was an unusual circumstance, it will rise to the top of the business names they have been exposed to in the past. The recall of your name will be much more likely.

Clip your card to the bill

When you pay a bill with your credit card, clip your business card to the bill. If it is a business that you would like to do business with then leave it on the bill. It may make it to the manager or owner. If you are willing to clean coffee shops or restaurants, then when you are out on the town, clip your card to the bill. They may call you. I have had owners hang onto cards for years before calling. Only do this once per visit, do not do it every time, that is just obnoxious.

Taking the taxi?

Drop your card on the floor or seat. They will not clean out the taxi until the end of the shift and in New York they may not clean it for days!

Everyone that uses the taxi will see your cleaning business card.

When exchanging cards, always ask for a card in return, this makes them feel better about getting your card. Take a look at theirs and comment on it, they will do the same.

About your cleaning business card

Make sure you always have your cards with you. Create a system where you have plenty of them, like a carrier in your purse or a hip sack. Make your card interesting to look at and fun to read. Spend some time on the design, make it useful too. Put a calender or notepad on the back. Make sure your website or Facebook page URL is on the card.

Don't they have an app for that now?

Here is one attempt to "disrupt" the business card.

According to Techcrunch - You don't always have a business card with you, but you always have your phone. But your not going to leaver your phone all over town, are you? The paper card is great because it has so little material value, you can go guerrilla with it!

Never make the mistake of thinking that the old school business card is out of date and ineffective. one of the best paying and longest lasting clients I had with my cleaning business found my business card on the floor in a coffee shop. That is what got me thinking about leaving cards around back in 1996!

Learn the 25 most creative ways to use your business card in the cleaning business system.

The first Guerrilla Marketing book was published by Houghton Mifflin in l984.

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