Commercial Office Cleaning

Commercial office cleaning start up tactics and tools

Interested in starting a commercial office cleaning business? Smart choice. Commercial cleaning is one of the best start-up businesses, especially when you want to get to work fast, and don’t have a lot of liquid startup cash to invest.

This enterprise has been a solid business niche for decades. If you are looking for a reliable startup that is fairly recession proof, this is it. Office managers who are pleased with your service will be happy to keep you on for the long haul. There is job security in creating and maintaining professional relationships such as this.

What are the pros of a commercial office cleaning business?

  • Plenty of work
  • Flexible hours
  • Decent hourly profit
  • Low cost start up investment

Working for yourself as a cleaning pro can be very rewarding and lucrative. As long as you are taking reasonable steps to advertise your services using conventional and Internet marketing, you will create plenty of full-time work for yourself. If you so desire, you can also expand your business to include crews, provide service to several dozen contracted clients, and earn a fabulous living at well over $100,000 in profit each year.

And the cons of cleaning professionally?

If you plan to do the work yourself in the early stages, be aware that this is very physical work. People who are already fit and in good shape will have no problems. For others, it could present challenges. Assess your situation and decide if you need to get fit before taking on this work. If you are not in good shape, you will be prone to injuries.

With commercial office cleaning you can only do one job at a time and usually only two jobs in a day, as a solo cleaner. Later, as you grow the business, you can start stacking jobs by running crews.

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As your business grows, it becomes more complex. Your job will change from being a cleaner to being a manager. A fair number of cleaning service pros are surprised to discover that they do not like being a manager, they’d rather be cleaning. The two jobs take very different skills. By the time they find out, it’s often too late to change.  Bear that in mind, because the size of your business may be restricted. If you enjoy doing the cleaning and choose not to become the manager of crews, your business will not grow beyond a certain size in gross income, because it’s only possible to scale-up the business by hiring crews and managing them. There is a limit to the physical work you can do in one eight-to-ten hour day.  More than eight hours of cleaning is physically exhausting. Few can do it!

Making the switch from operating a solo or duo cleaning service to managing crews is not an easy and clean transition, unless you are very organized and use a proven system to help you negotiate the transition process. For one thing, your business income may take a temporary dive as your business makes the change. The key to stability during the transition is in knowing how and when to make certain business system changes.

Starting a commercial office cleaning service has become somewhat easier on the marketing front.  Local coded social media sites like Facebook and Twitter make marketing easier than ever.

However, newbies risk assuming that you can just throw together a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn page and an ad on Craigslist and find work immediately. These services are great, no question! But they are most effective if you think of using them for a medium-range approach.

When advertising your business, consider the time ranges and plan accordingly. You need to cover short, medium, and long-term ranges.

For short-term exposure, use direct marketing through your website, social sites for medium-term exposure, and press releases and standard media advertising for long-term. Set in motion a plan for all three ranges to create stability and security with your janitorial service start up.

Expand your cleaning services to include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, venetian blind maintenance and power washing. Find ways to diversify your cleaning company income, which will result in a more stable and predictable bottom line.  

You might consider specializing in a niche, such as green and healthy office cleaning, which is rapidly gaining popularity. A specialty niche creates a focused channel for your advertising content. You find out who your audience is quickly, which enables you to learn about their needs and wants.

The commercial office cleaning industry is a sound investment for your future growth and stability. Just make sure you have an equally sound business system to guide you.

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