Commercial Window
Cleaning Business

start a commercial window cleaning business

Start a commercial window cleaning business and make an excellent living working for yourself.

Looking for the perfect small business to start for under $100 that requires no special skills?

The work is plentiful - who has windows? Everyone. You can make $30 - $60 per hour with your own commercial window cleaning business. This is a reliable and fun way to make a living.

Consider some of the benefits of running your own commercial window cleaning service:

  • Start on a low budget - under $500
  • Non-technical and interesting work
  • Profitable and steady income through a recession
  • Earn cash starting immediately
  • Discounts from your clients, discounts on all types of goods
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    Take charge of your life, be your own boss and create the wealth and freedom that you deserve. Don't let your present circumstances stop you. You can start this business on a shoestring with no special skills and be earning within weeks.

    Is a commercial window cleaning service right for you?

  • This is a recession proof business - you'll always have work.
  • Be your own boss, set your own hours, choose who you work with.
  • Grow your business as quickly and as big as you want.
  • Easy and fast to start.
  • No special skills required.

  • Ev and I started our cleaning service, Suze & Ev Custom Clean, because we prefer to be in charge of our own schedule and our income. We've far exceeded our initial financial goals and we're happier because we work for ourselves. It feels good to make money and to help other people! We'd love to see you make your financial dreams come true too.

    This is an excellent time to start your own commercial window cleaning business. Take charge of your life - now's the time.

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    We hope you've found this information useful as you consider starting your own commercial window cleaning business.

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