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start a commercial cleaning service

Starting a commercial cleaning service may at first seem like a daunting mission. So much to do!

Lighten your load by breaking it down into manageable steps that are reasonable and easy to follow. This lucrative venture is, by far, one of the easier and less risky business start ups.

What are the basic business elements to consider when you start a commercial cleaning service?

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Scheduling
  • Equipment
  • Legal structure
  • Office management
  • Communications
  • Logistics

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these elements, and analyze them further.


Design smart systems to manage scheduling. Create systems with adequate flexibility to accommodate changes in crew and clients. Engage a method to communicate this schedule with your client. You will want to research the best ways to do this. If you have a smartphone, download a scheduling application.

Of course, your smartphone can assist you in business in a variety of ways. Unless you already own one, consider investing in one. If you dedicate its use purely to your commercial cleaning service, it will serve as a handy and indispensable business write-off.

Some people are not interested in a high-tech approach. If you count yourself in this category, you will want to use a conventional scheduling book. A low-cost daytimer is available at any office supply store.


Purchase or lease key cleaning equipment. Choose sturdy, well-made industrial-sized equipment. Nothing lightweight. Invest in the highest quality equipment your budget permits.

Your jobs will typically require a steam mop or floor scrubber. These chemical-free, low water-use systems tend to be more expensive than conventional chemical systems. However, they are so superior they are well worth the initial investment.

For cleaning floors and upholstery, you will also need a heavy duty, commercial-grade vacuum. There is also equipment to consider if your service will also offer carpet or window cleaning.

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  • Marketing a commercial cleaning service, in the broadest sense, includes three elements:
    Designing a service that people will desire
  • Promoting the service by advertising through traditional means and on the Internet
  • Pricing the service and making it available to potential customers

In this article, we’ll focus on Internet marketing. You will want a SEO-optimized website that is designed both for keywords as well as getting a good response from traffic. Optimizing effectively is a learned skill, not something you should consider DIY’ing unless you have professional SEO experience.  

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A professional quality SEO-optimized website will cost $1,000 - 1,500 if you hire a local freelancer. We offer an alternative that we know you’ll like.

Take a look at our website design services on this site. We have created a high-quality, professional service just for you. We understand that when first starting up, it’s important to get the best deal possible. We know what you need, and we can help save you a bundle of money.

Cleaning Service Marketing angles

  • Internet
  • Newspaper
  • Bulletin boards
  • Local TV
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Press releases
  • Online articles
  • Advertising - online and conventional
  • Partnerships
  • Local discount agencies

As you can see, breaking the startup into manageable components allows you to more easily get a handle on how to start your commercial cleaning service. 

The next step is to formulate a plan. As you grow your business, you will learn to isolate particular areas and focus on them solely, in order to create or acquire the right systems for your specific business needs. 

A commercial cleaning service is one of the very best start-ups for an entrepreneurial novice. With some training and a year of dedicated focus, you will be on your way to making a good living while providing a valuable, in-demand service.

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