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commercial cleaning business

Commercial cleaning business tactics that work.

When starting your commercial cleaning business, be bold with your marketing efforts. Fortunately, we live at a time when there are more available marketing avenues than ever. New ones are being created every couple of years. We all can remember a day before Facebook. I can even remember when tweet was what birds did.

As entrepreneurs, these new and emerging tools greatly increase our opportunities to be seen. The basic strategy for successful marketing is quite straightforward. Get seen everywhere that counts. However, do not squander your efforts by getting seen everywhere without good reason. 

Think like an executive. Spend your time targeting your efforts for the best return, your ROI.

Bear in mind, your cleaning service only needs a few dozen clients at any given time. In contrast, a large commercial cleaning operation will hit their limit somewhere between 50 - 75 clients. So you do not need to waste time and money getting seen absolutely everywhere. 

Following a marketing plan, especially one that fits your natural style and that you feel positive about, can mean the difference between failure and success in your business. What is the trick to successfully promoting your commercial cleaning business? Narrow your focus and aim directly for the target client, especially while your cleaning franchise is young. The time to widen your range of marketing is after you have secured a set clientele. 

Following this systematic approach, from narrow to broad marketing over a period of time, is an excellent way to fill up your pipeline with interested potential clients. As your cleaning business grows, you are building a list of commercial cleaning clients who are familiar with your company reputation  The more success you have with existing clients, the easier it will be to market your service to new ones via their circle of influence. 

When marketing your service, it’s important to create a blueprint or system to follow. Here are some tactics for targeting the perfect client. 

Door to door flyering
Don’t just go to any old door. Pre-qualify your leads by conducting a bit of espionage. The best way to do this is to search the internet for suitable offices and companies located in the areas you want to work.  Assure yourself that they fit your list of criteria. If you have not already created a list describing ‘ideal client’ criteria list, sit down and do it.

Write down the attributes that make up your ideal client. Take into consideration location, company size, access and anything else you deem important. Then, conduct research online to help you locate the neighborhood, districts or office parks that best fit that description. When you have completed that step, you’re ready to go door-to-door.  

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SEO optimized business website
Design your cleaning business website to target your ideal client, the website is doing much of the work for you. Use keywords, tags and the content of your website to attract the neighborhoods and office communities where you most desire to work. 

Your website content must speak to the type of client you want to attract. Although you might be tempted to speak in a general way about your service and your qualifications, don’t. Talking in generalities will only cater to the least common denominator. Neither you nor the person attracted to that type of description will be satisfied with the outcome. 

When writing your web copy, talk (or in this case, write) as if you were directly addressing the company manager of your ideal client.  Pre-qualify your visitor with the tone and feel of your website. Be true to yourself. Be natural. If you are outgoing, the type who feels at ease reaching out to strangers, use that friendliness in your tone on your website. 

If you are introverted, you may feel more genuine using a slightly formal tone. This won’t turn away people (unless your tone is downright chilly), on the contrary. It will help you attract clients who feel at ease with your slightly more formal business persona. 

Either way, the more accurately you can imagine your preferred client, and then write web copy that addresses them, the closer you will get to securing a contract with that client.

Again, the goal is not to get as many clients as humanly possible, but to attract clients that are a good functional fit. You can only clean so many spaces in the beginning. Later, you will scale up once your business is established, safe and secure. 

Targeted Press Release
Issue a press release that, you guessed it, pre-qualifies the potential customer. Target the communities where you want to clean, areas that fit your preferred client profile. Creating and distributing a press release is a very specific art-science and unless you are experienced at successfully doing so, I recommend you get help writing and distributing them. They can be costly, and need to be formatted in a specific way to be of any use. We make this process insanely affordable and super easy by offering you a press release service as part of our business system. 

By using these commercial cleaning business marketing tactics, you greatly increase your likelihood of succeeding in the very crucial, early startup stage.

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