Cleaning Work Defined

cleaning work

Are you interested in cleaning work? What sort of cleaning work are you primarily interested in? Would you prefer to clean homes or offices?

In setting up a cleaning business, the first step is to define what you want. Let’s talk about both types: housecleaning vs. office cleaning.

Historically, cleaning is one of the easiest businesses to start quickly and with a minimum investment. A house cleaning business is a great way to make an honest living and is one of the most predictable business niches. Housecleaning pays very well compared to most jobs requiring little skill. It will continue to be profitable even during a recession. Housekeeping will always be in demand. Methods of cleaning may change, but peoples’ urge for a tidy environment remains the same.

House Cleaning Work
Housecleaning requires you to be in peoples’ homes, usually during the daytime. People will often be at home while you clean. You need to have cleaning supplies and a vacuum cleaner, even though 80% of the time you can use the clients’ cleaning solutions and vacuum cleaner.

When I started my own housecleaning business I had no car, no vacuum, and only a handful of supplies that fit inside a backpack. I rode my bike to my jobs. This line of work is quite adaptable and you will find that it can flow with your needs and preferences. You can start with very few resources and build up your business over time.

Office cleaning work
What makes office cleaning different than house cleaning? Mostly, you will work during off-hours, the evenings and weekends. Day work is a possibility, but due to the fact that people are working in their office during the day, it is more likely that you will work in the evenings and on the weekends. You will be cleaning an office environment which includes, but is not limited to: cluttered desks, stuffed bookshelves, overflowing waste baskets, messy break rooms and more. Office cleaning is more detail-oriented than housekeeping. Workers are likely to be absent while you clean. For this reason, office cleaning can be more relaxed, but it can also be a fairly lonely occupation.

Janitorial work
Janitorial work differs from office cleaning in that it usually entails the maintenance and cleaning of large facilities. Another term for janitorial cleaning is commercial cleaning. These terms are used interchangeably to describe various cleaning scenarios. Our definition of janitorial work is the cleaning of large commercial facilities. You will be cleaning floors and bathrooms much more often than desks and bookshelves. Floor polishing will be a big part of the job.

Window cleaning work and beyond
Other business options for cleaners are window cleaning, carpet cleaning, cleaning window blinds, power washing and more. Window cleaning work is a separate business model than other types of cleaning businesses. You need equipment and some safety training if you are going to wash windows that are higher than a couple of stories. For those reasons, starting a window cleaning business costs more up front. Also, the marketing, scheduling and work environment is substantially different. Window washing requires you to work outside much of the time, generally in an urban setting, which can makes the job rather amusing and festive. A great job for someone with the heart of a performer. You will not get lonely cleaning windows.

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Pros and cons of setting up a cleaning service


  • Simple business to start.
  • Fast business to start.
  • Cheap business to start.

  • Cons:

  • As a solo cleaner you can only do one cleaning job at a time.
  • You can only do so many jobs in one day.
  • You are required to be in peoples’ homes and must present yourself professionally.

  • Professional cleaning work has many other advantages - create your own job security, achieve unlimited income potential, be your own boss, set your own hours, get paid everyday, control who you work with/for and work close to home.

    Professional cleaning work is one of the best businesses to start. It can lead to a stable, sustainable lifestyle for you and your family, for a lifetime.

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