Cleaning Service Press Release

Using press releases with your cleaning business

Imagine what would happen if a restaurant opened in your town, offering the most delicious food on earth...but nobody knew about it?

Or a boutique opened, catering to people who wanted Mercedes-benz style at Nissan prices...but nobody ever heard about it?

The restaurant would fold. The boutique would fade like stars in the sunrise.

Starting a cleaning business is a great reason to give a big ol' shout out. Let everybody know about it. Putting out a press release is the best way to let a large number of customers know you are ready for business.

Buzz & brand

A good press release does much more than simply announce your new business. It generates buzz. That buzz can go on telling people about your service for a long time. The buzz also creates spikes of business for you.

Your PR helps establish your brand in your community. It will often show up in the search results each time someone searches for your business name in Google or Bing.

Link juice

All the media services that pick up your PR will link back to your business website. This tactic is powerful and the results are long-lasting. Getting high quality links to your site is important. Doing it can be time-consuming. But using press releases does it for you fast!

If it's written well, your PR may be picked up by local writers and circulated. Newspapers are often starved for news. They'll jump at the chance to help you spread the word.


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Reasons to write a press release

When should you issue a press release? Anytime something newsworthy occurs related to your business. It must have that newsworthy angle in order to work. But that isn't difficult to find, once you realize that all sorts of occasions will do.

Start with your initial announcement when your business is new. Amber Waves Cleaning Company Announces New Service in [Your City Here]. Then on each anniversary, let everybody know – put out a new press release. Your business will spike each time a new release goes out.

Do you give your customers handy hints or helpful cleaning tips? Compile a list of these for your customers to peruse while reading your website. Then issue a press release and tell everybody about it. Are you involved in charitable giving? Issue a PR and let the world know about the good work your cleaning  business is doing. Hiring personnel or announcing holiday-related specials are more great reasons for writing and issuing press releases.

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