Cleaning Business Articles

Welcome to our collection of articles giving free advice on how to start a cleaning service business. We have written hundreds of articles since 2004 and these are our favorites. 

General Overviews

Residential House Cleaning

Start a house cleaning business

A general overview of the house cleaning service sector with advice on what research to include in your start up assessment and a focus on using the Internet. 

Residential cleaning business marketing

A primer on how best to market your cleaning service both online and in your community.

Setting up your cleaning service

An intro into how to set up your new cleaning service. 

Start a house cleaning business from home

A primer on running your cleaning service from home. 

Office Cleaning Business

Start an office cleaning business

A General overview on how to start an office cleaning service business. What are the differences between an office cleaning service and a commercial cleaning service?

Is an office cleaning job for you?

Find out if the office cleaning business is for you. A list of pros and cons and general income potential is the focus. Should you start full-time or part-time?

Commercial Cleaning

commercial cleaning service 

An introductory article on a few things you wil have to consider including scheduling, equipment and marketing. 

Is a commercial cleaning franchise a good idea?

An in depth expose into the pros and cons of buying a cleaning business franchise including restrictions, conditions, legal, cost and debt. Franchises are not the rosy picture that they present. 

Commercial cleaning vs office cleaning

What is the difference between office cleaning and commercial cleaning.

Janitorial Service

How to start a janitorial business

An overview of the elements need to start your own janitorial business.

Janitorial cleaning service marketing

The best practices for cleaning service marketing.

Starting a janitorial company by scaling up

Learn how to scale your cleaning business over time for success.

Starting a janitorial company

Want to run your own cleaning company? This article will help you to get started.

Further Reading

How to get a janitorial job

Open janitorial service

start a janitorial service

starting a janitorial service

Window Cleaning 

Window cleaning business start up overview

A general overview of the window washing trade. 

Window cleaning equipment

An overview of the equipment needed for different size window cleaning services. 

Window cleaning business planning

How to plan your window cleaning business. 

Carpet Cleaning

Start a carpet cleaning business

A general overview of the carpet cleaning service sector. 

Carpet cleaning business marketing

How to market your carpet cleaning service. 

Carpet cleaning tips

Carpet cleaning care tips to use with your services. 

Remove tough carpet stains

How to remove tough carpet stains.


Cleaning business insurance

This article details most of the specifics on acquiring insurance for your cleaning service company.


Setting up the legal structure for your cleaning business


Cleaning company pricing

Setting cleaning company prices can be very tricky and you need a protocol to follow to set your cleaning prices.

Business Planning

Cleaning company business planning

Free carpet cleaning business planning

Window cleaning business planning

These articles were written to help you plan your cleaning business depending on what cleaning niche you are focusing on.

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