Cleaning Organizing Tips

Cleaning Organizing Tips

Here are a few cleaning organizing tips for you to use. While some folks keep alphabetized files of their clothes and spices, some people can't match two socks in the morning. Most of us are somewhere in between, with some organization skills that we'd like to improve.

Uncluttering your house is akin to uncluttering your life. It's liberating to let go of bags of junk, and clearing your rooms of too much stuff is like clearing your mind of unnecessary thoughts. Getting rid of clutter is like cleaning a stopped drain and getting things flowing again. The principles of feng shui are based on the flow of energy around objects in a particular space. Take a good look at what you have, determine what you want and need to keep, and let the rest go. You'll feel a rush of fresh energy entering your life the minute you start tossing things out.

Here are some simple cleaning organizing tips to help you create a more structured household.

Start small. If it's really the entire attic you want to reorganize, but the thought of taking on a large space stuffed with junk is a little overwhelming, focus on one chest of drawers or one filing cabinet to begin. Obtaining immediate gratification is a good strategy for proving to yourself that you can do it.

Schedule enough time to get the job done. When taking on a major organization project, whether it's an overstuffed closet, a basement, or a filing cabinet, first clear your schedule. Take short breaks, but not long ones. Don't be tempted to stop in the middle of a project you may not get back to for a very long time.
For big projects, save yourself from procrastinating by jotting down cleaning dates on your calendar. Then stick to it! Reward yourself after you're done.

Take everything out of the closet, basement or filing cabinet, spread it all out on the floor, and begin organizing. Start from scratch. Clean as you go. Keep your dust rags and vinegar on hand, as well as a bottle of your favorite essential oil to clean and mitigate that musty odor. Dust or vacuum the areas you uncover. You may not get the opportunity to clean these places again for quite awhile.

Try not to give in to the temptation to wax sentimental over each dish and childhood toy. Make sure you are in the frame of mind to distinguish between what you really want (and need) to hang onto, and those relics whose time has come.

Think about the tools you might need for your project and gather them together. If you are reorganizing a filing cabinet you may require files, folders, labels, highlighters, and a loose-leaf binder. Taking on the basement? Get boxes, a tape measure, Swiss Army knife, hooks, and pens and scratch pads for making lists.

Categorize as you organize. Begin with basic categories such as Trash, Recycle, and Keep, but add other categories as you progress and come up with new or better ways to organize.

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More cleaning organizing tips

To quickly de-clutter a room, first remove all items that do not belong in the room, put misplaced items back in their place, stack magazines, then vacuum the open spaces.

Keep track of your television remote control (and your DVD and your CD player too) by attaching a strip of velcro tape onto the television, DVD player, and CD player, and the corresponding tape onto its remote control.

Keep your camera and video camera loaded with film and always stored in the same location. Save yourself the maddening frustration that can arise when you have a Kodak moment that goes undocumented because you can't remember where you put the camera.

Instead of trying to squeeze them in your overflowing linen closet, store extra blankets between the mattress and the box spring on your bed.

Keep your linen closet in order by removing old sheets and towels once a year. Rip or cut them up for excellent cleaning rags.

Even more cleaning organizing tips

Keep fresh trash liners handy by stashing several between the trash bin and the current liner. When you don't have to go in search for a fresh liner chances are that your trash bin will stay emptied more frequently.

Stash your keys, sunglasses and outgoing mail in a basket by the front door. We use ours also for DVDs to be returned. You may want another basket for sunscreen and gloves.

In your home office, utilize the space above your computer or next to it on the wall. Instead of spreading out horizontally, spread up, vertically. Supplies, reference books and other items you use will stay easy to find and accessible, as well as visually contained.

To de-clutter the bathroom and kitchen, find small trays in which to set your hand soap, dish washing liquid, sponges, or other small bottles that tend to gather near the sink and in the tub or shower.

I hope these cleaning organizing tips have been helpful. For a large assortment of cleaning tips, go to our cleaning tips section, we have page after page of excellent cleaning organizing tips for you to read-free!

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