How to choose a
cleaning company slogan

Cleaning company slogan

Make it strong or do without

Your cleaning company slogan carries more significance than you might assume. Rather than tossing one together, it is best to go without unless you can come up with a really outstanding one. A weak slogan will not do your company any good. When you do create a particularly strong slogan, simply add it later. Having a business slogan that does not impress people is counterproductive.

So how do you come up with a good cleaning company slogan? It needs to work in concert with your cleaning business name.

Some people are great with words and find this part of the process fun and challenging. If you're the type who just finds it challenging, here are some approaches.

Benefit statement

Do not just fixate on rhymes or cleaning puns and cleaning activities. State the benefit to your customer. Make it clear, direct, and memorable.

  • You deserve a break!
  • Enjoy your time off.
  • Treat yourself to a clean healthy home.
  • You work enough already!
  • Leave your troubles with us
  • Keep your free time free!
  • Let us work while you unwind.


It is good to be clever, but not too clever. Going just a tad too far can be risky. Keep it kosher. Puns are popular, since puns are safe territory for humor, but for every person who likes a pun, there is a person that dislikes a pun. It does help people remember your business name if the slogan uses the name in a witty way. There is a difference between wit and humor. Humor can quickly becomes derisive.

Here are a couple of artful examples of wit in a cleaning service slogan:

"We clean corners, we do not cut them.”

"We clean your clock and everything else"

The second one would work well in New Jersey, but not so much in Sedona, Arizona. Which leads us to the next distinction: Cultural fit.

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Cultural Fit

I kept the same slogan for ten years. It as simply, "To be happy is to make others so.” The reason I adopted this saying was to communicate to my clients that I was going to be ethical, generous, open-minded and egalitarian.

I knew I lived in an uber-liberal town and that this slogan would resonate with that cultural bias. You may not want to do this in a town with a more right-leaning tendency. A better slogan for a conservative town might be, "You have better things to do!" or "You deserve this!" or go with a slogan that is a mission statement such as "our commitment to excellence guarantees your satisfaction". 

Steer away from patriotic or religious statements unless you are dead set on only attracting customers who share that value. That is fine, just as long as you realize that you are limiting your exposure to a market. And that could be a good thing! See “Functional fit,” below. The point is to be conscious of what you are communicating. Do it with purpose. A slogan such as, "All-American Cleaners," in Berkeley, California may fizzle because of the liberal bias in that town.

What are the main emotional triggers in most people? Religion and politics. So, steer clear of these triggers. Pre-qualify and motivate through benefits that target individual needs.

Company credo

Gain their trust through making your slogan a mini-mission statement for your cleaning company. Play off the fact that most service professionals are, sadly, either not very reliable, or they take the easy way out. Work against the stereotype and call attention to these traits. Make them your company's attributes.


  • Excellence is our goal.
  • Integrity & dependability.
  • Cleaning excellence guaranteed!
  • Done right the first time or we do it again!

Weak cleaning company slogans

"Let us do the cleaning so you don't have to". Yes, well duh! This slogan adds nothing – no humor, no benefit, no ethical statement. It would be better to not have one.

Functional fit

Pre-qualify your clients with functional fit. Your goal is to attract a certain type of client, so whatever that type is, choose a slogan that aligns with that goal. For example, if your aim is for wealthy clients who value exceptional and elite services, do not use terms like affordable, added-value, and discount. Instead, use language they will more easily relate to. Words such as fine, expert, custom, elite, are more like to catch their eye.

Be consistent

Don't keep changing your tagline. This create a sense of non-commitment, which will result in mistrust. Frequent slogan-changing will project a lack of resolve or determination. That is one reason to wait until you capture one that you can live with for the life of the business. 

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Goals to bear in mind when crafting your slogan

  • Defines who you are
  • Answers a question
  • Gets your cleaning business noticed
  • Makes customer grin or relax about you
  • Proclaims your work ethic

A list of company cleaning slogans collected from online and cleaning services. Can you spot which are good or bad based on the the above criteria?

  • Maid in bliss
  • We Love The Jobs You Hate
  • Got Dirt? We Got Clean!
  • The Clean Team - Leave Your Troubles With Us!
  • Fresh As A Daisy
  • Neat 'n Tidy
  • Swept Away
  • We Leave the Competition in the Dust!
  • Leave Your Dust to Us
  • Always Sparkling
  • Sparkle Aplenty
  • Tidy Shines
  • Rise 'n Shine
  • My Business is Making Yours Shine
  • Your Panes are Our Pleasure
  • We're a Glass Act
  • Take a Bite Out of Grime
  • Grime Busters
  • Call Us! We're the Dust Busters
  • We Do, Do Windows
  • Put the hurt on dirt
  • We Can Bust Your Dust
  • We've Got a Lust for Dust
  • We're a Lean Mean Cleaning Machine
  • Clean Your Clock and Everything Else
  • Extreme Clean

Make your cleaning company slogan and business name neatly work together. Your thoughtfulness toward this part of the business startup process will help get your company off on the right foot. Whether they rely on humor or just tell it straight, your business name and company slogan should deftly serve the purpose of telling the potential customer who you are, and how they will benefit from your service.

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