Cleaning Company Business Plan

Cleaning company business plan

Are you starting your own cleaning company and in search of a cleaning company business plan? Better than using a sample plan from someone else's business, use the basic outline below. Create your own form from this typical business plan.

Cleaning Company Business Plan

Basic Simplified Outline

1 - Executive Summary

a. Establish the problem

b. Create the solution

c. Define the market

d. Assess the competition

The executive summary offers a quick lay-of-the-land. It gives the interested party, such as the lender, a comprehensive idea of what your business idea is and also how legitimate it may be. The executive summary should detail the highlights of the overall approach of your business proposal. It should make up the first section of your written plan.

The executive summary is also the place for your Mission Statement. This explains what your business is about, and how you plan to guide your business ethically.

Cleaning business products and services

2 - Products and Services

a. Is it a problem worth solving?

b. Is your solution viable? Says who?

c. Present outside validation of the problem and solution.

d. Envision a path to success and advance a plan.

What products and/or services will you offer? How compelling of a service is it in both need and demand? Present proof from many sources. Craft a plan based on knowledge in the field.

Unique Selling Proposition

What is your advantage over the competition?

Your Unique Selling Proposition or selling point is a marketing concept that distinguishes your business from others like it. Your USP sets you apart from the cleaning competition. It inspires a potential customer to try your cleaning service over another.

Our USP is this:

Better than a franchise at a fraction of the cost.”


Every tool and tactic you need to succeed.”

cleaning business road map

3 - Market Analysis

a. Market Segmentation.

b. Market Needs.

c. Market Trends.

d. Market growth.

This is where you present your knowledge about the cleaning company market and your research findings and conclusions into the cleaning industry from your unique (but viable) perspective. Your goal is to impress the lending intuition you are approaching for funding.

Keep it simple. Do not digress into a litany of financial mumbo-jumbo and economic-insider jargon, such as Market Share Gains, Gross Margin Targets, and Completive Economic Analysis, and worse. You are starting a cleaning company, not a Wall Street investment firm, after all. How much of this complexity is necessary?

It really depends on whether you are going to need bank financing to launch your cleaning company, and at what scale. One of the great things about a cleaning service company is that you can start with little money, and it is a simple business model to run.

A Market analysis is really for the lending institution more than for you, especially with a cleaning business. It is not an 'out there' notion that people need their homes and office cleaned and that there is plenty of work out there for you to carve a niche. Could you even accurately track all of the hundreds of cleaning operations in your area to make any realistic projections with nice nifty charts and graph-icy graphs? Would that help you in any real way? How would national cleaning association statistics even have much bearing on your local area? It often does not. Consider this: Your time is better spent just getting out there and drumming up work.

The Actual Working Landscape (AWL)

  • Who is the market?
  • What do they need?
  • Who is the competition?
  • How will you be better and different?
  • What possible service offshoots are possible?
  • What is your pricing structure?

AWL = Realism

Now, those questions you can get some good use out of! Those are for you, not the bank. Write these questions down and take some time to really ponder them and write down your thoughts, then do some research and espionage to find out what is realistic. This is not about what you want, it is about what is likely to happen. Find out what the real world of cleaning in your area looks and feels like.

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Cleaning business marketing strategy

4 - Strategy and Implementation Summary


  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Plan
  • Location, logistics, communications, systems, etc...
  • Equipment and tools
  • Milestone (Projected)
  • Metrics

This is where you detail the road-map for your business--in effect that is what the Clean Up Now System is--and that is WHY we offer it. So you can just plug-n-play. What could be simpler?


Or in layman terms: goals. Map out your goals for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. What is the end game? Sell the business for a lump some, let it run its course, close the business without profit, give it to your kids?


These days you can use a barrage of metric tools for your business. For example, we use Godaddy Bookkeeping linked up with PayPal to track everything—our income and expenditures. We use Google Webmaster Tools to track traffic to the website and ranking. We use AWeber to track the metrics for our newsletter and sales campaigns. You can find apps to track data for your logistics, payroll, scheduling, employee performance, and much more.

Metric Fixation

Don't get so giddy with metrics that you forget to do the obvious stuff like actually clean houses and grow your cleaning business! You can spend a lot of time tracking your Facebook likes, but will that bring you work the way flyering or networking does? The answer is no. Technology is our friend but it isn't magic. Don't fall for every wiz-bang-doodle. There is no substitute for plain hard work.

cleaning business planning summary

5 - Company and Management Summary

  • Legal Entity
  • Organizational Structure
  • Management Team
  • Ownership Planning
  • Company history and ownership

These are the systems you are going to use to run your business. The software and hardware, the tools and tactics that make up your daily business wheelings and dealings. Again, the Clean Up Now System is just that. Examples are the software you use for payroll, the app you use on your smartphone for logistics and communications, the legal filings for the corporate structure of your business, and the rules and procedures for your management team and employees.

What is your story?

What is the story of your business from its inception to 100 years later? What is the mythology that will be built up around your business, what will your legacy be? What do you want it to be? Write these down and post where you see them daily.

Financial planning and projections

6 - Financial plan and/ or projections

  • Sales forecast
  • Expenses
  • Projected profit and loss
  • Projected cashflow
  • Projected balance sheet
  • Business ratios

If you are going for bank or investor funding you are going to focus heavily on projections—income and expenditures in the future. If you are self funding or starting on a shoestring, your focus will be on the planning aspect. If you are like most people starting a cleaning business, you will self-fund your business on the cheap. So it's even more critical for you to plan, plan, plan.

You need systems in place to handle the day-to-day crunching of your financials. You need to plan what and how you want to grow. You should be using accounting software that links with your bank. If you use PayPal, it should link to your bank. You want all of your expenditures to be tracked in the system or program.

What does this actually look like with a cleaning company?

If you are going to launch on a bigger scale and need to focus on projections, please see the article specifically addressing that issue in the business system.

Closing Summary Statement

Sum it all up in one paragraph. This is similar to your USP and mission statement. Take those to texts and present them in a bigger picture, third person, and trans-historical nature.

The Clean Up Now System is the leading educational service for cleaning company startups. Its comprehensive tools and tactics are designed to give you excellent results in spite of constantly changing real world conditions. The Clean Up Now System is the platinum standard for all cleaning service businesses that want to be at the top of their field and consistently exceed their goals.

7 - Appendix

Create an Appendix for your business plan document that is easy to understand and navigate.


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