Cleaning business website design

cleaning business web design

#5 - Look good. Looking good means more than simply a pleasing design. Is it current and up-to-date? Online, your website is your image. It represents you and your cleaning business. Do you feel that people are getting a good look at you and your business when they click onto your home page? Or does generic clip-art jump out and greet them? Project an image of success, and people will be compelled to work with you.

#4 - Navigate smoothly. Does it have a busy background with shooting stars, loud colors, goofy fonts, or old-fashioned underlined and highlighted text? If the text and visuals are cluttered, your customers won't go where you want them to go. Your text and visuals must clearly direct them. Remember how many distractions are available to your reader. They've got their hand on the mouse. Don't let them click away before they get to know you.

#3 - Communicate clearly. Does your website tell people what they need to know quickly and clearly? No one hangs out long online on a page they don't comprehend. If your customer has to interpret your meaning, that's too much work. My advice: Don't write your own content, hire a professional writer. You might think you're saving money but sloppy grammar and typos will chase away your readers. The most well-intentioned people trying to cut corners can blow it on this one important aspect.

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#2 - Establish your authority.
 This is one of those catch-22s for some of us: You must know how to swim before you enter the water, but you must enter the water before you can learn to swim. Even if you're just starting out, your readers don't know that. They're looking for a reputable, dependable service they can trust. Present an image of confidence, set the bar high. Soon you'll be fulfilling your own expectations. As soon as you've gotten a few cleaning jobs under your belt, your natural authority will shine through. Trust me.

#1 - Code it correctly. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a specialized, technical skill. It's both an art and a science. Since the inception of the web, SEO has even become an industry of its own. The codes are invisible to your reader, but they must be there in order for your customers to find you. SEO is behind the scenes, and it can make the difference in whether your website comes up on page 1 or page 100 on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

A professionally-designed website works to promote your business while you work, play and sleep. Look at it as pinning your business brochure up onto a community bulletin board. If customers feel they can get to know you even before they talk with you, they're way more likely to hire you. They can see that you put care and thought into your website, and they'll assume that you will put the same care and thoughtfulness into your cleaning service. All you have to do is follow-up with excellence. And we trust you will.

Cleaning business website design

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