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Cleaning business success rate

Are you interested in starting your own cleaning business and looking for a cleaning business success rate? Maybe you are trying to get an idea of how risky this type of business is before you commit to it.

Let's see what comes up on a Google search.

#1. Entrepreneur Magazine - 13 Secrets for Making Your Cleaning Business a Success

That's a lot of secrets! Guess what -- nothing in this article about a success rate, no data that you can use to determine the risk.

#2 - Tough Nickel - Owning a profitable home cleaning service

A long winded generic article written by someone that has never owned a cleaning service and you guessed it, no data on the success rate.

#3. City Data - Forum Posts

This forum post has many individual opinions based on personal experience, which can be useful, that is at least in the direction of what you were searching for, but not real research data.

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Why is this?

There are plenty of cleaning business associations out there and some of them do tracking based on their members, but the tracking is not accurate because so few cleaning businesses are actual members of these professional organizations. The other reason is the range and scope of exceptions is wide with cleaning businesses. You could be a high-end window cleaning business with million dollar contracts and billing at $100 per hour or you could be a part-time self proprietorship charging $8 per hour cleaning small apartments. Those two worlds have little in common but fall under the heading - cleaning business.

I had a small cleaning company that only cleaned homes and office for wealthy people, I made $30 plus per hour. I had a friend that only cleaned vacation rentals for trade, our business models were very different.

I assume you are interested in learning how risky it is to start your own cleaning service company. What I can tell you from my 23 years in the business is the following.

1. It is proportionate to your effort.

If you make a real effort and not a pie in the sky effort, I would say your chances of succeeding are 90%. Why? Because it is an easy business to start (not complex or expensive) fast to start (easy to keep motivated during the crucial start -up phase) and jobs are plentiful. There are far more jobs out there than you could ever do!

2. It is easy to get in front of clients compared to many careers.

You know where they live, if you are clever, you know how much they make and there are many effective ways to market to them that greatly increase your odds.

3. Expectations are low

Most home owners have had a bad experience or three with professional cleaners, this is unfortunate in general, but it is an opportunity for you. I have consulted hundreds of cleaning businesses and if you make sure to do a great job and to follow up, you are ahead of 80% of the cleaning services out there.

4. Job security

Professional cleaning has not changed much in hundreds of years. Sure, you use a vacuum instead of a broom and you use a smart phone instead of a notebook, but notice these are good advances, not detrimental ones.

Here are 3 aspects that are way easier today than when I started cleaning in 1996.

1. Vacuums are much lighter and more powerful.

2. Smart phones make scheduling and logistics way easier.

3. Cleaning solutions are safer for both the client and the cleaner.

Those are great advances, but the actual cleaning is still just cleaning, it has not changed in a thousand years...that is real career security!

In my professional opinion as a pro cleaner for 10 years and a consultant business system designer for 13 years it is not a risky business start-up and one of the easiest and cheapest to start!

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