Cleaning Business Profits

Increasing cleaning business profits

You are probably wondering how much you can make cleaning for a living? As a professional cleaner, the range of income varies more than you might think.

Most cleaning businesses are actually home cleaning services and the range of income for that niche is between $35k - $110k for a full-time business owner. That puts the average at $72.5k per year. That average holds for home cleaning, carpet cleaning, and store front window cleaning.

A typical annual progression goes like this:

  • (Part Time / Full Time)
  • Year 1. $25 - 50k
  • Year 2. $50 - 75k
  • Year 3. $75 - $100k

Please note these are for business owners, not for a cleaning technician job with a cleaning service. A cleaning technician usually averages $9 - $11 per hour.

Income Cap

There is a cap on income for 90% of home cleaning services because there is a cap on individual jobs for most routine cleaning schedules. Most homes are going to top out at $150 per visit. 

Once you scale out those residential services, you start to get into complexity issues as you are managing over 100 clients and contracts. The return curve starts to drop at a certain point and it can become more trouble than it is worth to grow any further.

This is why so many established cleaning services transition into larger scale commercial cleaning contracts. when you can have one monthly contract with one client for $5,000 and compare it with a residential monthly contract for $500, you can see the difference! Even a very small monthly contract of $2000 is 4 times the gross gain. 

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Large scale commercial cleaning

If you have put in a 2 -3 years in the home sector you can scale up into the commercial cleaning sector and then the income cap does not really exist.

Large scale commercial cleaning does require a substantial start-up investment in cleaning equipment, supplies, and work force. That is why most cleaning services start out in the home sector where the start-up cost is far less.

In the commercial sector, you can literally scale your business into the millions per year. So there is plenty of room for growth if you have a business plan to shift sectors over time, this is not as simple as it sounds and most cleaning professionals do not make the residential to commercial shift successfully.

Starting out solo

The quickest, safest and least expensive way to start out as a solo cleaner, starting out on a shoestring budget, which is one of the strengths of a home cleaning service as a first business. It is one of the best first-time businesses.

Professional cleaning has great profit potential in all sectors, but especially in the commercial and window cleaning niches.

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