Cleaning Business Marketing

Cleaning business marketing

Marketing is the wide spectrum of processes involved in making sure you're continuing to meet your customers' needs, and getting value in return.

How do you grab your audiences attention? How do you pique their interest in your product? Can you trigger their desire and motivate them to take the action you want them to take? Answer those three questions convincingly and you've identified the secret to achieving tremendous sales and marketing success with your cleaning business.

Many cleaning business start-ups make the mistake of thinking they can simply run a few newspaper ads, put up fliers, and be swimming in clients. In order to clean up the profits and get dirty rich, you need to make a scholarly effort to understand as many marketing strategies as you can.

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Targeted vs Broad

Cleaning business marketing tips

In this article we look at ways to use targeting to get specific results in short time frames and broad marketing to get more general outcomes over a longer period of time. 

Online Marekting

Marketing your cleaning business online

The possibilities for marketing your cleaning business online are numerous and many are not as effective as you might think. You need to know how to tap into the right community with proven strategies for a successful online marketing campaign.

Guerilla marketing strategies

The idea is to stand out and to do so with little to no money, just by being creative. Get out in front of people in interesting and unusual ways and they will remember you.

Cleaning service guerrilla marketing

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