Cleaning business marketing tips

cleaning business marketing tips

When advertising and marketing your cleaning business, it's important to go as broadly as you can, and take a targeted approach.

When starting out, it is best to directly target your desired customers. In this way, you can pick up cleaning contracts and clients as quickly as possible and build up business-momentum. Momentum is addicting – and exciting. Once you get that flow happening it can be extremely motivating. If you've ever rafted on a river in the whitewater, you have experienced the rush of motivation.

Getting your cleaning business up and running is actually more like that than you might imagine! The rush of momentum feels good. You won't want to stop. That perseverance will carry you forward. It is crucial to achieve momentum and motivation in the first six months. Go too broadly with your advertising and marketing, and getting the results you want will take too long. You will not have momentum, and you will not be motivated. It will feel like you're not in the flow.

When to go broad

Once you have enough clients to be financially sustainable, it is time to market your business with a broad approach. In this way, you will establish fresh, new pipelines, or networks, of business, and attract new clients. This approach will allow for expansion of your business into a larger context.

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How to target in the beginning

Go directly to the customers you want. Speak their language. This will result in a spike of interest, on which you can focus intently since in this phase of your start-up business you are not performing many actual cleaning jobs – yet. You can effectively focus on getting the best jobs. In later phases, you will be very busy with your cleaning jobs. The preferred way to grow a sustainable business is to slowly scale it up while you are working full-time. You will achieve this when you take the next step, which is taking a broad approach with your marketing efforts.

How to go broad for the long term

Long-term marketing approaches are multi-faceted. Going broad includes taking into consideration networks such as internet social-media sites, local media outlets, community services, event sponsorship, and other branches where people gather, chat, and communicate about quality services. These networks do not require much focused attention, so they can be running in the background as you run your cleaning business.

Many people take a broad approach in the beginning and quickly discover that doing it that way is a chore, since it results in sluggish business. They begin to lose momentum and the desire to put forth the effort required for their business to succeed. Putting up a Facebook page and a Yellow Pages ad is not going to result in a flood of new prospects. You need to go to your customers directly, and there are many more effective ways to do that.

Why not do both in the beginning?

Most cleaning service start-ups are not flush with ready cash, and the broad approach requires an upfront investment. This upfront investment is what substitutes for going directly to your desired customers – you are paying these services to get in front of prospects for your business. That is a fine approach when you already have a full day's work. But at the start of your business you are rich in time and energy. You should put that free time to use! Get out there and get directly face-to-face with your potential clients. They are just people, and it's not that difficult to tell them about your business. Most people love someone with enthusiasm, energy, and initiative. It's inspiring. The face-to-face approach does not cost you any money, just your time. In later phases of your business, your time and energy will be fully needed to run your cleaning service.

Be wise. Think systemically with your early marketing efforts and you will plant the seeds for success in your cleaning service business.

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