Cleaning business flyers
dos and dont's

Cleaning service business flyer design example.

There are a few mistakes I frequently see with cleaning business flyers designs that really hamper their effectiveness. One simple mistake is not considering scale. If you cannot read it from 15 ft away, it is a bad design. Especially the name and phone number. Use bold colors for those two items and make sure you can see them at a distance.

Cleaning Business Flyers Dos:

  • Scale it to be seen at a distance.
  • Keep it clean and simple.
  • List benefits, not stats.
  • Give phone number, not email.
  • Make it about them, not you.

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Keep it clean and simple. A passerby is not going to study your flyer for a time, they are just looking for the bullet points such as cleaning business name, slogan, services and number to call. They should be able to figure those things out in less than a second just glancing over.

Do not list your email. Nobody wants to try to enter an email in their portable tablet / phone, it is much easier to enter a phone number with Siri or txting. Your email response will be buried in their email in less than a day anyway and that is not good. You want their return phone number! People feel much more obligated to return a phone call than an email. You can schedule an estimate in the first contact when you are both on the phone.

List benefits to the reader and not how cool you are or stats about your business. Make it about them. You can do a simple bullet list of services (if you have room) but focus on benefits.

Here is a great benefit list:

  • Skilled
  • Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Healthy
  • Punctual
  • Secure

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Cleaning Business Flyers Dont's:

  • Too many fonts
  • Too many colors
  • Too much information
  • Too many pictures
  • Make it about you

You should use 2 different fonts, but no more. It is nice on the eye to have more than one but no more than 3. 2 is perfect for a small flyer and 3 for a large one.

Too many colors will also make it hard on the brain to comprehend. Keep it to 2 - 3 colors and no more. But one color will look tedious and boring. 3 colors is perfect.

Do not fill the flyer with photos or even worse have one giant photo in the middle. Have one nice small sized photo on the flyer. Why small? Curiosity killed the cat. It is almost irresistible to go see what a photo is when you cannot quit see it. Fonts large and pics small is the rule.

Follow these simple rules for cleaning business flyer design and you will get a great response from your cleaning business flyers!

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