Cleaning Business Associations

cleaning business associations

As a cleaning service professional, you might consider joining a support organization. Group membership offers many benefits whether you are new to the business or you have been operating your own cleaning service for many years. Membership fees vary depending on the level of support chosen.

Cleaning business associations can help independent business owners keep up with industry news, standards, and important changes, as well as connect with others through professional networking. Many organizations hold annual conventions for ongoing education, advocacy, and networking purposes. Membership emblems, when added to your cleaning business website, also add a tone of authority in the eyes of your customers.

The national and international associations below are well-known throughout the industry. ISSA and ARCSI have been specifically established to offer support to cleaning professionals.

We do an extensive overview of the various professional associations in our newsletter. 

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ISSA cleaning business association

ISSA (The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association) is the world's most recognized cleaning association. The venerable institution was established over 90 years ago, and is remarkable in its consistent ability to stay innovative and relevant in almost a century's worth of technological shifts and changes.

According the ISSA website, 6,000 members make up this “global community of distributors, manufacturers, building service contractors, in-house service providers, and manufacturer representative companies.” ISSA provides podcasts and ongoing training via seminars and workshops covering a wide range of professional cleaning service needs.

ISSA members are kept abreast of management standards as well as regulatory and legislative news that directly affects the cleaning services industry.

Independent cleaning professionals operating a house-cleaning business may find the range and scope of ISSA to be a bit overwhelming. If your business is focused on the residential cleaning service sector, you may find ARCSI more suited to your needs.

ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services International)

ARCSI cleaning service association

As stated on the ARCSI website:

ARCSI was established to assist residential cleaning service owners and professionals in starting, promoting, building and expanding their businesses. ARCSI is committed to providing valuable information to ensure the growth and development of our members' businesses.”

Individual cleaning professionals and owners of cleaning service businesses can find a rich source of useful information here. ARCSI's members are those interested in running or growing their cleaning company and hiring employees. ARCSI offers information about a wide range of concerns unique to the cleaning industry, from customers' questions about security, to business insurance information and updates, to professional networking and other support.

Updates, advocacy information and education is offered through weekly, monthly, newsletters and emails. There is also an online forum where newbies can find advice from professional cleaning professionals. In addition, ARCSI offers webinars and conference calls on many hot topics of concern to cleaning professionals.

The ARCSI annual cleaning convention is a week-long event co-sponsored by ISSA. This convention may be of keen interest to members looking for a host of information, equipment, networking opportunities, supplies, as well as executive discounts on those supplies, delivered all under one roof.

BSCAI cleaning company association

BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Association International) This organization is based in Chicago, Illinois. Membership is open to janitorial service companies, professional cleaning service businesses and others providing professional cleaning services.

BSCAI members are kept up-to-date with a wide range of building and janitorial issues. Annual conventions and numerous other opportunities offer educational enrichment, business growth, and networking resources for cleaning business professionals.

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