Cleaning for Airbnb Properties

Airbnb cleaning services

Cleaning for Airbnb properties

If you are interested in cleaning an Airbnb for a living there are many considerations to contemplate before you jump in.

One consideration is that Airbnb's are trying to pay the littlest possible amount because they are passing the costs onto the short term renter. These are not high paying gigs, but they are quick and easy and can add some value to your business.

Airbandb cleaning service jobs can be quick since the places tend to be pretty clean to begin with because the renters are only there a few days and typically do not spend much time in the rental. Plus many hosts require the renter to clean it! You are effectively cleaning a fairly clean space. It is more about the linen and dishes and disinfecting the kitchen and bathroom.

One odd thing about Air b&b rentals is that there are little to no legal requirements (regulations) for cleanliness like there is with the hotel business. This may change. Do not dedicate too much of your cleaning service business to something as new and experimental as an Airbnb.

Airbnb Cleaning Services

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Cleaning Airbnb's can make sense for an established cleaning service business as an Add-On service. It can be a great way to fill in the gaps in your schedule.

Short-term rentals have specific needs and this is nothing new. Many short-term rentals have existed in and around tourist attractions such as the Ocean or Disney World for example.

What are some details with an AirBnB cleaning?

  • Deep cleaning not usually needed.
  • They need cleaning 7 days a week! Think about that!  
  • Time windows for doing the cleaning are short and sudden.
  • Special booking technology required.

You will need to use an app or software to communicate with the property owner or rental manager.

You will have to be able to process payments via your phone.


You could be held responsible for something a renter did. The renter may blame you! This is widely done, unfortunately. You need to have a contract with very specific details about liability and responsibilities.

cleaning air b and b

How to find Airbnb cleaning contracts

Airbnb cleaning contracts are pretty easy to find, simply go to the Airbnb website and find listings in your area and make a list. Pitch them with a special script that is tailored towards their services. You will want to market your cleaning service online and be found for searches for “Airbnb cleaning service” and other related keywords. Use social media to get the find and communicate with airbnb hosts.

Stay in local airbnb's and pitch them as you are staying there, and leave a postcard or flyer.

Business opportunities

You may be able to make new connections with Airbnb owners and your business can be promoted to renters. Most of them are from out of town, so this would only be a benefit if they were considering moving to your area. But that does happen. A decent percentage of renters are checking out the area and culture for a possible move.

Be sure you research and vet the Airbnb, many are not operating legally! Every town has different (and changing) rules about these short-term rentals. Many people in the neighborhoods do not want short- rentals down the street or right next door. There are state/city/county tax and licensing issues that crop up with these micro-businesses. It can get much weirder than cleaning for clients homes or small offices where the daily routine is more predictable.

Some new cleaning services have been dedicating all of their business to this growing and volatile niche. I think this is foolish, you should always diversify your cleaning company.

Airbnb Cleaning Rates

This is going to vary greatly considering where you are located and what the going rate is. Obviously it will be higher in Hollywood than in a mi western small town. It is simple enough to call around and find out what established cleaning services are charging. 

Some Airb&b's are fly-by-night operations, you will have more turnover with Airbandb clients than with other typical niches such as residential cleaning or office cleaning. Many hosts are obsessed with getting the lowest price. 

To recap, Airbnb cleaning can be a great add-on service for existing cleaning companies to diversify their cleaning income. 


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