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You are wondering about cleaning houses for a living? For the right person, it can be a great way to make a living. I have consulted hundreds of people starting their own cleaning service and I have determined the 3 main reasons some people do not succeed. It has very little to do with the business niche and everything to do with psychology and emotions. Let's refer to these as the three sins.

The three sins are:


You will have to put in a full-time effort, and you should be excited about the privilege of throwing your whole being into your new cleaning business. It is not going to be handed to you, even if your parents tell you constantly how talented and special you are. A high opinion of yourself will not result in contracts. You will need to make the world take notice and you will have to fight to make it happen, but that can be a lot of fun! I am starting a new part-time business in computer programming and I love the fight, the uphill battle the succeeding against all odds story appeals to me.

It amazes me how many people will go out flyering for a couple of hours and call it quits! “This is not working,” they say to me. How would you know? That is not a big enough dataset to determine anything. Put out 2,000 flyers at least, flyer for 40 hours and tell me it is not working. You will not be telling me that because you will be too busy setting up walkthroughs and bids. Which brings me to the second sin.

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Lack of persistence

You have to give it your all and for a significant period of time. Even if a cleaning service business is not in the cards for you for some reason, giving it your all will have residual benefits. You will develop positive habits and a proper outlook on life. You may even be presented with a totally different unexpected opportunity that is even better. That is how I started this consulting business.

One of the biggest enemies of the start-up is lack of self-confidence. Insecurity feeds on lack of action, it creates a feedback loop, a loop you do not want. I am sure you have done this in some area of your life. You don't take action and your self-confidence shrinks which makes it more likely you will not take action which makes it more likely your confidence will shrink and you are in a self-perpetuating loop. Action breaks that feedback loop. Just getting out there and taking chances will do two things.

1. Break the feedback loop and replace it with new information & a new experience.

2. It will result in an opportunity which will boost your confidence. Creating a positive feedback loop, one that you want, an increase in confidence and momentum.

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Too quick to judge

Like I mentioned in sin #1, you will be tempted to be too quick to judge, It is easy to do, we do it all the time. We do not want to feel or look foolish. But you should want too look and feel foolish. Fools such as Elon Musk create reusable rockets that land standing up exactly when and where you want them to. NASA called him a fool!

Give your start-up process enough time to work. In order to feel secure and confident in the process, you need a plan. The plan will instill the confidence you need. Get your plan form a mentor and you will feel even more confident. Create that positive feedback loop. It is addicting.

Adopt the right attitude, work hard and put in enough energy and could you fail? You will be cleaning houses for a living in no time and making an excellent living.

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