The changing trends in the
house cleaning business

changing trends in the house cleaning business

The house cleaning business is a dependable and fairly predictable service industry. One of the best aspects of this business is that it remains relatively reliable during a recession or economic downturn.

When considering starting a house cleaning business, include cutting edge social networking tools in your marketing plan. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can simply bypass the evolving online world. It is true that you can still start a cleaning service without an online presence, but it is getting increasingly difficult. For one thing, more and more people use social networking sites to vet a local business.

Online marketing trends
If you are not on Facebook and Twitter, people may wonder if you are really on top of things. They might even assume you are hiding something, a littered trail of failed business relationships or less than stellar decisions. There is no compelling reason to not embrace the strong marketing and networking opportunities online. To do so takes very little time, money and energy and can yield positive returns for many years.

Outside of the high-tech marketing trends of the last five years, the house cleaning service business sector has changed very little internally. How one engages in cleaning a home has changed very little in the past several decades. There has been some improvement in vacuum technology and a shift away from the use of toxic chemicals and toward the use of green and healthy cleaning supplies. This is a positive trend for you, the cleaning professional. Your health and potential for growth and sector-specialization can only benefit from these shifts.

Green cleaning niche
The healthy cleaning niche is gaining popularity in the janitorial industry. As a subculture within the general professional cleaning culture, it is perceived as forward-thinking. It is well-supported by experts promoting no shortage of new products. You can specialize in green and healthy cleaning for people who prioritize health-consciousness in their homes.  This angle works for commercial cleaning services as well, as it reduces the cost of liability for the host business.

Trend to give away free tools
Companies like Google and app-builders for the Apple iPhone have had a outstanding impact on reducing start-up costs. They have also reduced the learning curve for mastering business systems that help people run their cleaning service business.

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Here is a list of free or mighty-cheap business tools:

  • Scheduling
  • Accounting
  • Credit card processing
  • Word processing
  • Tax preparation

These tools are truly amazing and often cost less than $10 per app! 

Your house cleaning business must have a fully optimized website to be found in local searches. Many cleaning pros miss the boat on this one, by merely tossing together a free or cheap business website using a month-to-month service such as VistaPrint. It is a mistake not to treat your website as a powerful marketing tool. 

The Internet is the current cutting edge where your business must be seen, and where you can interact with your customers. With it, you create trust and begin to brand your business -- but not through the use of big, fancy words. Be yourself, trust that your personality is likeable and connect with the people you want to work for.

The text on your house cleaning business website must be composed for ranking high on the search engines. The content has to be written so it strikes a nice balance of business and genuine friendliness. It should be persuasive enough to get people to pick up the phone and call you.

The cleaning service business sector is evolving like all other business niches. Yet the actual job itself has changed very little. Almost everything about the act of cleaning is virtually the same as it has been for eons. Water and a little soap, some elbow grease and a keen eye for orderliness. 

Sometimes it seems as if we inhabit two worlds, the one-hundred-fifty-year-old world of cleaning someone’s domestic dwelling (that hasn’t changed much either), and the hyper-drive-change-athon sphere of online marketing and networking.

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