Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Who needs carpet-cleaning equipment?

Your service may or may not need to invest in equipment. It depends on the types of jobs you tackle. Housecleaning pros can get away with only using a vacuum and performing the occasional spot-cleaning. Many carpet stains and spots do not even require expensive carpet-cleaning equipment. Simple soap and water will work in some cases. Heavy-duty carpet-cleaning equipment must sometimes be used on floor-covering that has been ignored, abused, or simply not regularly maintained.

As most residential cleaning service-people learn, ammonia, white vinegar, or baking soda can remove many stains. Liquid or dry cleaning solutions can be used to clean up stains caused by carpet nemeses such as rust, lipstick, red wine, blood, and coffee. Any cleaning solvent, even so-called natural solutions, should be tested in an inconspicuous corner before being applied to stains.

Dirty carpet = health hazard

Whether they specialize in residential or commercial buildings, carpet-cleaning services are kept busy because most carpets take a non-stop beating. Dirt, bits of gravel, and constant foot-traffic are common challenges. Boots and shoes can beat down natural and even artificial fibers. If not cared for regularly, built-up grime will, over time, diminish the luster and destroy the resilience of beautiful rugs and carpeting.

Pet peeves

Dogs and cats (and ferrets and parrots) affect our households and our health. They bring joy, amusement, comfort and companionship to millions of people. They may also contribute in carrying grime across the floor, spreading around bacteria and allergens which can take hold and grow, creating or triggering serious health issues such as asthma. Animal dander can cause rhinitis. Pet fur can stick to upholstery, drapes, and carpeting, as well as clothing and bedding. As pets often spend much of their time on the floor, clean carpets are a must for anybody who shares their space with “man's best friend.”

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How much does carpet-cleaning equipment cost?

Quality carpeting represents a significant investment of capital. Most carpet manufacturers' warranties require regular maintenance, so routine care is often included in home and business owners' annual budget. Carpet cleaning services may purchase or lease machines. Buying equipment can pose a financial burden for startup cleaning businesses. Fortunately, good-quality used truck mounts and other equipment can be found through reputable cleaning suppliers such as Jon-Don. Check your local ad listings as well, for high-quality brand-name cleaning equipment.

Equipment for startups on a budget

The type of jobs performed will dictate the type of carpet-cleaning equipment needed. For example, commercial space or institutions such as hospitals, public schools, hotels, or office-buildings will require that you have a truck-mounted system.

For residential cleaning jobs, smaller more portable or one-person systems are available for a wide range of prices. The carpet-cleaning service startup on a budget may prefer to search for secondhand, reputable, brand-name machinery. However, staying on budget can also prevent a startup from getting the right type of equipment to perform the job. If this is the case, look into financing. Financing can be done directly through the equipment manufacturer in many cases. For example, check Roto-Vac and similar companies, for great deals on high-quality equipment that will let you start working immediately.

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