Building your own cleaning business

Building your own cleaning business

4 unique aspects to consider when building your own cleaning business.

1. Start Up Timing


We often think in terms of start-up costs, but that is actually pretty easy to figure out compared to the timing. Your cleaning business needs to scale at a certain pace to reach a sustainable benchmark, get beyond that start-up period that is so confusing and risky.


You want to get momentum when starting your cleaning business. Imagine you are only getting one new client per month, is that an exciting business to run? Will that business survive the Freak Out Phase. You want to avoid perpetual frustration. You need to acquiring at least 5 new clients per month to keep motivated to become as financial liquid as possible. 10 clients should be your goal until you are completely booked up. At that point, you can switch to a long tail plan for marketing.

2. Day to Day Work Life

Often when dreaming about a business most people do not really try to go find out what it is really like. I wanted to be professional musician and when I discovered that it's really not such a great life for me, hours in a van (tour bus), endless bland lonely hotel rooms, traveling without getting to see any of the places you are going to, long boring hours of waiting, bad food, constant hustling for gigs, etc... Does not exactly fit the romantic vision of being a rockstar does it?

You must be able to look outside of your dream and talk to those that have done the business, are doing it now, in today's world. As it turns out, I actually liked being a professional cleaner much better than being a working musician. I assumed it would not be a fun working life, but a friend talked me into trying it and I loved it. go figure!

How to build your own cleaning service

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3. Liabilities

What are the typical liabilities that can happen? Don't just assume it is going to go swimmingly.

Some issues for some cleaners are:

  • Self-discipline is a must
  • Physically demanding
  • Complex managing scenarios
  • Solitary work
  • Frequent client turnover (this does not have to happen!)

Now, these are not an issue if the business is a good fit for you. For many people building their own cleaning business, these are pluses! They were for me.

Frequent client turnover does not have to happen, it is a common plague of many cleaning pros and that is because they do not treat their customers very well, they take them for granted.

4. What is the cap on income?

Some cleaning niches have a sort of ceiling on income that is hard to break through and that makes scaling unwieldy. Other cleaning niches are pretty much opened ended as far as how much you can make. Let's face it, 90% of houses only get so big, between 3500 - 4000 square feet on the large size. Unless you happen to live in Hollywood or the like. This is why many cleaning businesses move out of residential cleaning and into commercial cleaning.

There is also a cap of sorts on carpet cleaning, so again you have to scale the business outward which gets more complex and risky to run as you do so. Window cleaning is pretty wide open for increasing scope.

If any of this seems confusing to you, please consider the Clean Up Now System, a cleaning business start-up (step by step) method that will teach you how to build your own cleaning business from start to finish.

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