How to advertise your cleaning business using low cost guerrilla tactics

Advertise your cleaning business using guerilla tactics.

Advertise your cleaning business using these low costs guerrilla marketing tactics.

1. Use a branded stamp on paper materials
Get a custom stamp made and start using it on paper everywhere you find it. Some ideas -

  • Post-its. Leave them on bulletin boards in apartment complexes and community centers. Leave them on doors and equipment in restaurants.
  • Put your stamp on all the money that passes through your hands.
  • Punk rock it, stamp local group flyers that are up around town.
  • Stamp local newspapers in coffee shops.
  • Leave at bus stops and public transportation hubs.

2. Pay it forward
Next time you are in line at a movie house, buy the ticket for a person 5 - 10 people behind you in line and have the cashier give them your cleaning business card. This local business just bought your ticket.

3. Get creative with business cards
Who knows where your cleaning business card will end up? That's the point! Anywhere! That's good.
Don't just hand them out in conversations, you can also put them in books at bookstores and public libraries. Find books that are in line with your business niche, in this case, cleaning tips and housekeeping. Leave them on your table when you leave a restaurant or coffee shop. Everywhere you go leave a business card behind somewhere, turn it into a game.

4. Meet-Up Group

A. Create a Meet-Up group for home-based businesses.
Home based businesses are not very public so if you create a group for them to network with, you will get the benefit of leading that group. You will be able to network with all of them and create partnerships to offer bundled services.

B. Create a Meet-Up group for your favorite hobby. I had a friend create a group for board gaming and thousands of people passed through the group over a 4 year period. He had fun and met a ton of local people. Hand each of them a card, calendar or flyer that they can use and keep. It's a fun way to market your business without it feeling like work.

5. Car magnets
These are cheap and easy to make online. Your car is seen by hundreds of people each day. This is especially good for service businesses such as a home or office cleaning service. Make it more effective by making it funny and colorful.

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You can get free secondary publicity by sponsoring a local charity drive and get free exposure by local TV, Blogs, websites, radio and businesses. You are doing a good thing for the local community and establishing your brand and reputation in the process.

6. Creative press release
If you know how to format a press release, you can know have this done for you online, send it out to local services only. But here is the catch, it needs to be interesting and linked to media on your website. The goal is actually to get high-quality backlinks to your website. You will get short term local exposure, but also a ton of quality links to your website fro years to come. You should put a new one every 6 months.

Don't get bogged down thinking that your only option is to spend money on ads or to wait for word of mouth to develop over time. You can get creative spending very little money in the process and speed up the word of mouth by getting involved in the process. It's a positive way to grow your business and people respond to a business person that is engaged in their business.

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