Starting a cleaning business during the covid-19 pandemic 

start a cleaning service during covid-19 pandemic

Updated, July 18, 2020. 

Should you start your cleaning business during the Covid-19 pandemic? The answer is yes and no, and it entirely depends on where you live and the rules and regulations in place in your area of business. These regulations will change throughout the pandemic, so it is a fluid situation. There are challenges and opportunities with Covid.

The cons

  • In highly affected areas, people do not want strangers in their homes.
  • Uncertainty, not usually a good thing for business. When will the pandemic end? 
  • There is a ton of confusing information on the scale and dangers of the virus. 
  • The virus may take a turn for the worse.

The pros

  • Many businesses now benefit from outsourcing cleaning tasks.
  • Many existing cleaning businesses will go out of business, opening up opportunities. 
  • Once it is safe to open up, there will be tons of cleaning work and a labor shortage. 
  • Some people are hiring cleaners because they want to keep the virus at bay, and they would rather a third party deal with it.
  • Covid may loose its viral load as other CaronaViruses have in the past. 

Find the opportunity

Regardless of the narratives, the media keeps pushing; at this point, most people's lives are proceeding as usual, and work needs to go on in order to live lives worth living, and because of that, you can count on plenty of cleaning work. In fact, it would not surprise me if there is a shortage of labor right now as there is in other service industries. Many businesses are booming due to Covid; it just depends on how you approach it. The stock market is as strong as ever, and the economic fundamentals are solid overall. 

When the virus first hit, it was hard on many cleaning services that did not adapt quickly enough, that was simply because everything shut down at once. Many cleaning professionals just gave up and moved on and many more adapted their services to the situation at hand and business picked back up, a few have even turned it into a big boon for their business by tailoring their cleaning services to what was in demand. We are no longer in a total shutdown scenario, even if the virus does worsen, it is unlikely we can afford to stay shut down for any length of time. 

How to find the opportunity

As effective treatments progress and systems are put in place to mitigate the pandemic's impact, there will be a ton of opportunity as people and businesses try to get caught up with cleaning duties and keep their work and home environments clean and safe. 

Essential businesses need to be cleaned and sterilized! 

According to - “If you’re an essential business still operating at this time, keeping your workplace safe and free from infection is likely a primary concern. This is true both to prevent illness in the facility and preserve peace of mind for all occupants, so they know all steps are being taken to keep them safe.”

Focus your cleaning services

Focus your services on those essential businesses that will need your services now in order to deal with CoronaVirus. If you are starting out now, make that your focus and tailor your marketing efforts towards that goal. Adapt along with the virus until it is gone. 

The facts via statistics and data.

More people die every year from a dozen typical (not unusual) situations, including old age, medical misdiagnosis, hospital infections, commonplace viruses, cancer, Pneumonia, heart disease, and hundreds of other illnesses than people live with every day. It is the newness and uncertainty that drives the fears about Covid, but that will fade, it already is.

How do Covid deaths stack up against other types of mortality? Here are some charts to ponder. Comparison

Covid Data Sources:

Here are the best sources for Covid related data. Please do not get all caught up in the politics of the pandemic, focus on the data and how it relates to your business. 

CDC data tracker

Johns Hopkins

World Health Organization

Two approaches 

If you feel that covid is not an existential threat, start and run your business as usual. It's a free country; if there are no local orders against running a cleaning business, then you have the legal right to pursue it, just be polite and business-like when doing so. I have hundreds of clients doing just that and doing better than ever. 

If you feel it is an existential threat, start your cleaning business by planning ahead now. There are a ton of tasks that you need to put in place before you start anyway. Most start-ups tend to rush through these anyway. Take your time and plan intelligently, have those all ready to go, and then when you feel it is safe to start, you can start-up immediately. 

Out of a job? 

Then start a cleaning business, you will actually be safer than with a job, you will have far less exposure as a solo cleaner than working for a public business. Often you will not be exposed to anyone as most homeowners are going to vacate the home while you clean, and most commercial spaces will be empty when you clean during off-hours. See the protocols in the Clean Up Now System

How to get a ton of work during CaronaVirus

Market your business detailing how you address the pandemic and actually how your cleaning techniques make it safer for them by having their space cleaned in a specific way that reduces the risk of exposure to the virus. Put their minds at ease by taking the risk for them. As long as you follow smart protocols, your risk is minimal. Only slightly worse than the flu or other diseases we live with all the time. It all comes down to how clean you keep your hands and face, which is mostly within your control. You should wear a mask and a face shield, obviously gloves as per usual and shoe covers. See the professional cleaning protocols in the Clean Up Now System

The CoronaVirus cleaning boom is coming!

According to Fortune Magazine - “Experts say that will mean a big surge in spending for cleaning equipment and staff—the cleaning boom is coming. According to Tim Mulrooney, a commercial services equities analyst for William Blair, that will be a fundamental change for the industry.” coronavirus cleaning

Grow your cleaning service business during caronavirus pandemic

5 ways to grow your cleaning business during covid

In the Clean Up Now System Sterilizing Protocol Module, we have 15 tactics for increasing your marketing efforts during the CoronaVirus event. You will also learn the cleaning protocols to best deal with the virus.

Looking ahead in the cleaning industry

“Eventually, said Holt, when people do go back to work, they will want to leave the cleaning to others so they can be with their families on the weekends. The demand for cleaning services will be strong, he predicted, when the world returns to more normal times,” says Ron Holt of Two Maids and a Mop. 

One positive development in recent weeks for house cleaning services in general, said Holt, has been that his firm and others have been designated by state and federal governments as essential businesses as defined by the acronym PHC — professional house cleaner.”

As with all situations, it is good news and bad news, and it all depends on how you approach it. If your dream is to start and run your own cleaning business, don't let the Covid-19 CaronaVirus pandemic stop you. You just need to adapt and capitalize on the opportunities that arise and turn lemons into lemonade! 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Make sure you comply with all local rules and orders about Covid. You can search your state, county, and city online to get the latest information on what phase you are in and the current local situation. 

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