How to advertise your cleaning business using targeted tactics

Advertise cleaning service business

When advertising your cleaning service business do not only think in terms of the tried and true such as newspaper advertisements or the trendy like Facebook likes. The fact is neither of these work very well at all. Why is that?

Will you get cleaning jobs from your newspaper ad, probably, but they will be the worst possible cleaning jobs. Anyone can hire you from an ad and that is not a good thing, you do not want to clean just anybody's house. If you want to make a good living with professional cleaning then you want to clean for the wealthy - period. Do you think the wealthy are looking at newspaper ads?

What about Facebook ads or promoted likes? The data on these advertising tactics for service professionals is truly awful. You want to know why? What do you do when you are on Facebook? You wander endlessly constantly distracted by endless feeds. Why would you pay top dollar to get in front of people that are easily distracted and unfocused. And you will pay top dollar because (as of this writing) Facebook is the most over valued public company on the planet and it is desperate to make a profit to keep that upward trend going. Paying for a "like" is really pretty ridiculous.

What these two trendy modes of marketing have in common is that they are diffused and not targeted.

When you are reading a newspaper in a coffee shop, you are distracted and the effect is diffused, when you are looking at your Facebook feed you are distracted in micro second segments and the effect is diffused. Expensive and diffused, not a good combination.

What would be the opposite of that? affordable and targeted. What fits that description?

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Here are two examples, without going into great detail:

1- Direct Flyering

When someone sees a flyer on their door, what do you have? Their attention, even if they are annoyed. I had many clients tell me, I was annoyed by your flyer but then I read it and it was cute and funny and I kept in for 2 years in my junk drawer. The key is what you put on your marketing flyer.

2 - Local Social Networking

As opposed to online social networking websites, you should be out and joining local groups via MeetUp or local publications like your local entertainment magazine. When you are talking to a person face to face, what do you have? Their undivided attention and the social obligation to pay attention to you. What do these people have that could benefit you? Friends and family. When was the last time you told a friend that you saw a cool ad on Facebook? How many times have you told them you met a cool person bowling or at your book club? When that new contact becomes a client they tell everyone. Do you tell everyone about a meme you read on Twitter?

The real is more compelling than the cyber.

What is the real drive behind taking out an ad in a newspaper or on Facebook / Twitter? It's fast and easy. So is junk food and likewise, it is not good for you.

When advertising your cleaning business, don't just take the easy path, it is easy for a reason, it is unlikely to result in any long lasting rewarding outcome, just like junk food.

Advertise your cleaning service business using targeted tactics and you will get rewarding outcomes.

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