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Top 25 Essential Elements of What Makes a Good Website

My advice? Link to Your Social Media Pages and Keep Them Updated.

"A cautionary tip! If you are going to link to your social media pages or embed them in your business website with a widget, make sure that you keep your social media pages updated. If you are a painter, window washer, mechanic, plumber, electrician, house cleaner or any kind of service pro, you may not be focusing on social media in your day-to-day work dealings. It can be difficult for real-world service businesses to remember to keep their social media pages current. Especially if you are not a geek at heart. And many people are not!"

I hear from my clients (and other business associates) frequently that they simply do not have time to post on their social media pages. This is seriously not good. You need to find a way to make the time. In all actuality, it only takes a few minutes to post on your social media pages.

"A Facebook page that has not been updated for three months does more harm to your cleaning business than good. People may assume you are out of business or lack interest in running your business. You should post at least once per week but not more than three times."

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You DO have the time. what you do not have is a system that reminds you that you need to schedule the activity.

Create a timer on your smart phone that alerts you to post on each once per week. It does not take much effort or time to just write a short post about a cleaning job you just did or about a new client or post a picture of your work or just letting people know where you are and what you are doing. It can be just a friendly little check-in, that is all it takes.

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