How to make a cleaning service flyer

Cleaning service business flyer design basics.

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How to make a cleaning service flyer

Pay no attention to generic design-advice when making a flyer* for your cleaning service. One-size fits-all advice about business marketing can kill your business before it even gets started.

A well-designed flyer creates a buzz. It begins a process that ends in a healthy conversion rate. It is about getting your customers' attention in less than one second and inspiring them to take an action. Never forget that your flyer's purpose is to get customers to contact you.

Follow these 5 rules that are specific to designing fliers for cleaning businesses.

1. Make your flyer easy to scan quickly

Your customer must get the idea within one second. Seriously, they should learn what you are about, what you offer, and most importantly HOW they can benefit from your cleaning services – all in a glance. Only when your flyer does its job by grabbing their attention and communicating all of the above, will they bother to take another second or two to study it in greater detail.

Use three different fonts that are slightly different, not radically different. You might use Arial, Verdana and Helvetica. They are distinct, but they complement each other, and they all convey professionalism.

2. Do not make the flyer all about you!

Yawn...nothing is more boring than reading about how fantastic someone's service is. If the customer gets a whiff that this is just another bad flyer they will not read it. And you just lost a potential sale. Your business can't survive that risk. The good news is that it isn't that difficult to make a flyer that will bring you more customers than you could hope for.

So what should your flyer say instead? For starters, avoid making statements that describe you and claim how really super-duper you are (even if it's true). Give your customer what they want to know, which is “how will I benefit from this service?”

Make a list of attributes you possess that will benefit your customer. These are qualities such as dependable, punctual, courteous, thorough, and more. Do not state how fabulous you are because you have those traits. State how your customers benefit because you embody those traits. See the distinction?

3. Do not cram in too much

A cleaning company flyer crammed with information triggers anxiety because it appears demanding. Do not try to include every bit of information about your service. The only action your flyer needs to inspire is a call. It is not intended to be a biography or job history or a resume. You want the customer reading it to call you and visit your website. Make that your whole focus.

You can list house cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning, but do not list everything involved in these particular tasks. For example, do not list the following details:

  • Clean & sanitize counter, sink & faucets
  • Clean & sanitize shower and tub
  • Clean & sanitize toilet
  • Shine mirrors and chrome
  • Vacuum and sanitize floor
  • Dust light fixtures within reach
  • Dust baseboards
  • Spot clean cabinet exteriors
  • Spot clean walls

The above list does not impress potential customers. It does not inspire or motivate them to call you. You have wasted a perfectly good flyer.

Weekly Business Advice

Sign up for the CleanZine Newsletter and receive free Action Plans and a Quick Start Guide.

Learn 8 mistakes to avoid before

starting your cleaning business.

4. Be clear and concise

Three elements should stick out at a glance: your name, your contact numbers, and your speciality – housecleaning, office cleaning, or carpet cleaning or whatever you offer. If you have a company name, use it. Think of other flyers that have caught your eye. The simple ones are usually best. Simple, pleasing color combinations, with a few bullet points for the benefits to your customer. Very easy to scan even if the reader is walking past a bulletin board where it catches their eye.

Do not use every loud color you can think of. Loud colors convey desperation and inexperience. However, do not use plain black and white, either. Black and white cleaning company flyers communicate laziness and disinterest.

5. Use a photo

You don't have to be a model, very few of us are. But for your business flyer, choose a pro-quality picture, not a selfie or a screen capture from your iPhone where your arm is visible. Do not use a shot of you with your best friend in a photo booth after three beers. Use common sense.

To get a good photo it is not necessary to pay a professional photographer unless you have budgeted for it. Most people find it easy enough to ask a friend or family member to take a decent picture. Make sure the lighting is good. A shot of you outside in the sunlight works well. Get close; a headshot is best. Look into the camera. It is vitally important to let your customers look you in the eye. Smile naturally.

Either use a photo of you or a picture of a beautiful home

If you decide not to put your own picture on your cleaning brochure, put a picture of a clean 'brand new,' high-end home. It is best have a picture that speaks to how they will benefit, so clean, cool-looking rooms speak to their desires. A picture of a janitor cleaning will not inspire anyone, and it will be a waste of space. Customers already know what a cleaning professional looks like and does.

For the reasons listed above, do not use a readymade cleaning service flier. They usually violate these five principles. Those flyers are designed by people who create all types of business flyers in the same way, using the same process for very different types of business. Such flyers are usually horrid and can be counted on to perform badly. Do a Google-image search for cleaning service flyers to see how bad they can be. You will find that most of them violate these five rules.

Your cleaning company flier is a vitally important aspect of starting your cleaning service.

*flyer is commonly spelled two ways: flyer and flier. We include both to be helpful to those who search for both online.

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