3 Ways To Find Influencers
And Build Relationships

Cleaning business marketing strategies

By Annalisa Hilliard

One of the best ways to grow your online presence with your cleaning business is by creating content on your website. If the content is researched and well-written your audience will find value in it and want to share it. You can get ideas for content by researching what your potential customers are searching for. Q&A sites like Quora, can be helpful in finding out what questions are being asked in the cleaning industry. If you are developing great content but don’t have an online readership, you aren’t maximizing your efforts. It’s important to build relationships and join the conversation that is taking place. In doing so, you’ll be able amplify results by networking with people who have built authority in the cleaning service sector.

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Using Social Media Discovery Tools
There are free tools that can help tremendously when searching for industry influencers to interact with. One that I’ve used and found to be beneficial is - Twellow
. It is a free tool and allows you to search Twitter users by category.

The Twellow tool shows you how many followers a Twitter user has and where the user is geographically located. This can be helpful in gauging how likely it is to get an influencer’s attention. If they have a lot of followers - and you don’t have much of an online presence, you might want to start with an influencer who is on the rise and doesn’t have quite as big of a following. 

The geographic location is really nice if you are trying to target a specific region. Twellow can search for users in a specific region. So, instead of looking for influencers in a specific category like web marketing, you can look for influencers in West Fargo, ND.

When using Twellow you can follow users and see who you’re already following. There are many tools such as Followerwonk, socialmention, and Hashtracking.com to help you discover influencers. Each tool has a unique way of allowing you to get a glimpse of who and what is being talked about and shared within the cleaning industry niche. 

Looking At Your Competitors Social Media Profiles

Another way to find influencers is by looking at your competition. Let’s face it, some companies have been online longer and have spent time researching and growing their social media channels. Why not look at their profiles and see if they have followers you could benefit from? If you start to engage influential bloggers and add value to their conversations and posts by leaving thoughtful comments, you’ll start building relationships. Then when you share your content, you’ll likely have their attention. If they find your information helpful, they will share it and link to it. Just remember to not only have good content on your blog, but on your social platforms as well. Only 20-30% of what you share in your social streams should be your own content. Everything else should be content that is valuable - but written by someone else. 

Building relationships with influencers will lead to building links and the above methods will help you discover who to build relationships with. Make sure you set goals and don’t spread yourself too thin. If you can interact and build relationships with 5 new people every month that’s better than trying to reach out to 15 people. Time limits us, so we have to be realistic with our goals. Start by interacting with influencers in the middle of the authority spectrum. If they have a veteran online presence, they are probably less likely to interact with new people. Therefore, spend your time wisely by targeting those who are willing to engage and are looking to build their reach.

What methods have you used to discover influential people in the cleaning business industry? I’d love to hear them in the comment section.

About the Author
Annalisa Hilliard specializes in link strategy at Pole Position Marketing, an SEO agency. Annalisa enjoys cycling, running and most other participatory sports. She is also a craft beer and coffee zealot. She resides in North Canton, Ohio, but Indiana, Penn., will always be her home.

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