Window Cleaning Business Tips

Tips for starting a window cleaning business

When it is time to launch your new service, apply these basic window cleaning business tips. Anybody who has ever started a business knows that the process can be a little intimidating. An avalanche of information seems about to bury you. How are you supposed to make sense of it all?


Recall the last time you learned something really important to you. Whether it was learning a new language, or how to drive a stick shift, you followed steps that took you to your goal.

Getting your window cleaning service up and running has things in common with any other learning process. You will need to find a way to proceed that fits with your learning style. A mentor, or someone in the business, can help you quickly figure out what steps you should take, and in which order. Your mentor can show you how to align your short-term needs with your long-term goals. Taking advice from a mentor is a stabilizing, organized approach. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you can appreciate each step on the learning curve. A mentor has learned to master the sorts of challenges you are bound to run into, especially if you are new to business ownership.

As your cleaning service grows, your goal should be to continue taking the most appropriate next steps to fit the stage your business is going through. Taking the right steps at the wrong time will bog you down or halt your progress.

Pay attention to the following four areas. These are fundamental principles that could apply to any new enterprise. Working with these principles in mind, you can create a stable foundation for your business and achieve your goals.

4 Window Cleaning Service Tips

1 – Your inner script

We all have an ongoing script inside our heads. It affects the way we behave, because action follow thoughts. If you don't believe you have an ongoing script, just take a second and listen for it right now. It's that nattering little voice that's saying, “what script? I don't hear any script.” Your beliefs about your capabilities are just as effective as the steps you take getting started. So make sure they are having the right effect! Learn how to build your business with confidence, so that you feel positive and energized when meeting with new clients. A healthy, vibrant inner script will enhance your chance of success.

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2 - Community and communication

Consider your place in the community. Your professional relationships within the local community, and the social networking you do to promote your new business. Be helpful to others in your business sector. Do some basic outreach in the business groups you find in your area. For example, you might offer to give a presentation about workplace safety at your local business networking meeting. Your unique angle on your window cleaning business tips the scales in your favor.

3 - Find a mentor

Where would Luke Skywalker have been without Yoda? Search out an experienced mentor, someone who has actually mastered the territory you are about to enter. A mentor is not there to run your cleaning business for you, but to guide and help you excel through your own efforts. Reduce confusion and save time. A good mentor will offer how-to steps and Action Plans for each stage of your new business.

4 - Systems for efficiency

Think about the vast number of systems in your town or city. For example, electricity, phone lines, cell towers, water and sewage lines, roads and freeways. If these systems are working smoothly, they are more or less invisible. But if your internet connection suddenly drops, or a mudslide blocks the only road out of your neighborhood, you immediately feel the impact.Your business plays a role in a larger picture that includes these systems. Learn how to develop a sustainable business by ensuring that it has a healthy functional fit with the surrounding region.

Organizing your startup window cleaning business with these four tips in mind will help you save time by avoiding strategies that lead nowhere. Instead, you will learn strategies that maximize your skills.

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