Use Meetup to promote
your cleaning service

You can use Meetup to help promote and grow your cleaning business. It is one of the very first social media sites.

Is there competition? Probably, but don't let that discourage you. Meetup is friendly and accessible so lots of people go there when looking for recommendations. People with similar interests and goals find each other easily on Meetup. It's a socially acceptable place to promote your business.

Use Meetup to promote your cleaning business

3 reasons to use Meetup to promote your cleaning company.

1. Join business networking groups.

Join all the business networking groups listed in your area on Meetup. You can also attend any group that interests you and promote your services, just be discreet about it. If the group does not have a business-networking focus, then stay focused on what the group is about and play by the rules. But of course as you get to know people it is perfectly fine to talk about what you do and hand out your card. As a member of a Meetup group, you can schedule your own meeting around a topic, if the manager of the group allows this.

Schedule a Meetup (within a group) around a particular cleaning challenge people deal with in your region. If your summers are rainy and warm, focus on ways to prevent mold and mildew in the bathroom and basement. Brainstorm several solutions and schedule a meetup to show people how to rid this common scourge from their bathroom tile.

People will appreciate your help. Chances are high that they will decide to hire you to do the work instead. If not, you can be sure they will associate you with the positive experience of having sparkling clean tile again. Build your cleaning-service reputation by offering useful solutions to grimy cleaning problems. You will be regarded as a helpful professional offering an important service.

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2. Distinguish yourself from the competition.

Another benefit to using Meetup to start your service is for the healthy link it will provide to your business website. Increasingly, people search online first. The smarter your approach to SEO, the easier your business will be found online, and the faster it will grow. When your company name comes up near the top for local searches it distinguishes itself from the herd.

Searching online is similar to standing in a noisy room, trying to hear one voice over the racket of the crowd. Make it easier for people to hear your voice. Smart search techniques include getting healthy links from places such as Meetup.

3. Networking grows your business quickly!

One of the main reasons to use Meetup is to network with others. People looking for housecleaners or who are searching for solutions to their stubborn cleaning challenges. If you have a green cleaning business, give a talk on how to keep the home clean using alternative organic non-toxic cleaning methods. You will attract health conscious home owners and land a few accounts!

Think of ways to tailor your topic to your community. If hard-water stains are a problem in the city, brainstorm solutions and present ways to get rid of those stains. Networking means that your useful material will be shared far and wide. Bring plenty of flyers to hand out to people who show up. Even if they are not looking for a cleaning service right then, you can bet they will keep your flyer and call you the next time they need a service like yours.


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