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Wondering what cleaning for a living is like?
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When it comes to using your noggin to make your cleaning business more fun and profitable, I have a thousand ideas I think you'll want to hear.

Did I just say more fun? You betcha. Cleaning can be fun. But, making money cleaning is even more fun. Can I get an amen?

So whether you want to know how to clean a cutting board with lemon essential oil, or how to use the power of your existing customer-base to land you more cleaning jobs than you know what to do with, read on. I promise I'll do my best to help you succeed!

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What are the pros and cons of using a cleaning franchise?

Want to know our expert opinion on cleaning service franchises? Good, because we have a lot to say on the subject. If you are considering a franchise, please read this first!

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Start a Window Washing Business

About to start a window washing business? Make it your priority to get a professional looking website.

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Cleaning Business Start Up

4 Cleaning Business Start-Up Must-Do’s. You can create financial independence and greater satisfaction in your work life.

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Start a green cleaning business

Thinking about starting a green cleaning business? You couldn't pick a better time, as people are increasingly becoming aware of the connection between chemical solvents and health hazards.

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Starting a Janitorial Service

Is starting a janitorial service right for you? Here are some factors to consider.

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Cleaning Business Names

A list of cleaning business names including a tutorial on how to pick the best name for your cleaning business.

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Residential Cleaning Business System

Your residential cleaning business system needs to be cutting edge and scalable.

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Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Ceramic tiles can be difficult to clean, especially if they are old. Learn how to best clean ceramic tiles.

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Cleaning company slogan

How to choose the perfect cleaning company slogan.

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Financing your cleaning business

Finance your purchase and make no payment for 6 months. Zero percent interest on early pay off.

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Start a Carpet Cleaning Business

Start a carpet cleaning business. For the proactive business owner, carpet-cleaning can provide a steady flow of reliable and interesting work.

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How to start a cleaning business from scratch

How to start a cleaning business from scratch. Starting up a business is like catching a bus in an unfamiliar city. Confusing. A challenge to figure out.

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Open a janitorial service

What advantages might there be to opening a janitorial service, rather than starting a housecleaning business? First, let's define our terms.

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The myth of too much cheap competition

If you implement your service the right way, your clients will be the type who values expertise, longevity and a shared resonance between themselves and you.

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Be a clutter buster and increase your value

Add professional organizing services to your cleaning business and increase your value to your clients.

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How much to charge for office cleaning

Learn how much to charge for office cleaning jobs.

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Start a commercial cleaning business

Why social media is central when you start a commercial cleaning business.

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4 top tips for getting cleaning customers during the holiday season.

4 top tips to getting customers during the holiday season.

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Cleaning Business Insurance Basics

Cleaning business insurance is usually required and is always a good idea. Insurance is inexpensive and actually helps you to convert potential clients.

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Three stepping stones to growth.

It's impossible to see into the future. Yet every business owner needs to navigate their way into it the best they can. Commercial cleaning business owners need a system to help their business grow.

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Methods for using cleaning service contracts

This article introduces how to use contracts, and methods for using cleaning service contracts.

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Start a House Cleaning Business

Start a house cleaning business and earn an excellent living providing much needed and aprreciated services to home owners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your questions about our services and resources.

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Marketing your cleaning business to realtors

Launch your service by marketing your cleaning business to realtors in your region.

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Why hire a cleaning business consultant?

A cleaning service consultant can help you reach your goals, and offer practical advice for whatever stage your business is in.

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Cleaning Business Associations

The national and international associations below are well-known throughout the industry. ISSA and ARCSI have been specifically established to offer support to cleaning professionals.

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Meet Suze & Ev

Meet Suze and Ev, the inventors of the Suze and Ev Cleaning Business Method.

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Cleaning Business Marketing Tips

When advertising and marketing your cleaning business, it's important to go as broadly as you can, and take a targeted approach.

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When starting a cleaning business

When starting a cleaning business do not let cliche assumptions get in your way of making progress.

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Cleaning Service Press Release

Imagine what would happen if a restaurant opened in your town, offering the most delicious food on earth...but nobody knew about it?

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Carpet Cleaning Business Method

Learn how to start a carpet cleaning business with the Suze & Ev business method.

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Start a window cleaning business with the Suze & Ev Method

Start a window cleaning business with the Suze & E v cleaning business method.

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Cleaning Business Franchise Articles

What are the pros and cons of a cleaning business franchise?

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Start an office cleaning business

Learn how to start an office cleaning business with the Suze & Ev Method.

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The House Cleaning Business Method

Learn how to start a house cleaning business with Suze & Ev.

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Read what our clients have to say about our services.

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Cleaning Service Business Plan

Planning your cleaning service business is critical towards its success.

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Adventures in Cleaning - Pet Tales

Join us on our many adventures in professional cleaning. People and pet tales of days past featuring the vacuum loving cat and other strange incidents.

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Best Carpet Cleaning Method

Here is an overview of the best carpet cleaning methods in use by professionals.

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