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Cleaning Basics

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Tis the season for Spring Cleaning and this will mean a busy time for your cleaning business. Here are a few tips specific to spring cleaning.

Cleaning Window Panes
Squeegees work wonders in cleaning the window panes. It will not only make the glass clean but it will remove hand prints more than a wet newspaper or a clean cloth. Squeegees will help you do it quickly too!

Here are a few tips on cleaning the window pane using Squeegees...

In a bucket of warm water put few drops of dish soap. Dip the sponge and wet the window and wipe it in an overlapping motion. For large windows do a “snake” motion from the top to bottom. After the process dry windows with a cloth.

Washing the Blinds
For a wooden blind, wipe it with drops of wood cleaner using a dry sponge. If they are using aluminum blinds you can wash it outdoors with dish soap and water. Dry them on a slanted surface and scrub. Use a hose to rinse them and dry them with a cloth or towel. This is a specialty service, so be sure to price it separately.

Essential Spring Cleaning Tools

*Distilled Vinegar for cleaning kitchen and bathroom stains (a multi-purpose cleaner)

*Pure Baking Soda (when mixed with water this makes an instant silverware shiner!

*Wash cloths and Microfiber cloths (for computer screens, appliances and other easily-scratched surfaces)

*Corn Broom ( this traditional cleaning tool are best for garage floor, driveway, and sidewalk)

Spring cleaning can become effortless and more manageable by planning ahead with the house owner. This will give you both a win-win situation in how they want their house or certain areas of the house cleaned using your best skills.

This can make your Spring cleaning jobs more enjoyable!

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