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My biggest thrill is in coaching, supporting, and teaching others how to recapture their lives and make their dreams come true. In addition to the 5 Cleaning Methods manuals for, I have written hundreds of how-tos and articles for publication in print and online media. Back in B.E. (Before Evan) I taught college English and EFL, and wrote and developed a curriculum for an online language school. I met Evan after earning my masters degree from CSUN and moving to the Rockies. Together we operated a cleaning business and set out to teach others how to blaze their own paths and become self-employed.

Evan excels at business systems-design, problem solving techniques, web programming and online marketing. He has been a entrepreneur since 1996. He owned and operated a commercial and residential cleaning service from 1996 to 2006. Meantime, he and I launched in 2004. We continued cleaning homes and offices until developed into a full-time business in 2006.

Ev and I are committed to teaching you the skills to start and operate a successful, independent, cleaning-service business. Our business system is a positive blend of 3 ingredients: My professional training as a teacher/coach and writer, Ev's technical and systems-design expertise, and our combined entrepreneurial experience in running a professional cleaning service.

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The Suze & Ev Method idea was born in the Fall of 2003. We began working on the website and our initial business-method book. 

2004 was launched in April. Almost immediately we began selling our first method, titled how to start a house cleaning business. It is one of the top selling house-cleaning business ebooks online.


We released the how to start an office cleaning business method ebook. It was a natural progression and an instant success.


We released the how to start a window cleaning business method ebook. We also retired from professional cleaning to devote all of our time to cleaning business consulting.


We launched the Pro Membership Service (for house, office and window cleaning). In addition, we began offering professional cleaning business website design services. Hundreds of clients still are using these websites today! The website design service is now included in the Clean Up Now System. 


We added the how to start a carpet cleaning business ebook to our line of books and the carpet cleaning business Pro Membership service, the updated version is currently included in the Clean Up Now System


2010 saw the introduction to the Bundle Discount, allowing access to all 4 cleaning business methods, the Pro Membership Service and the business website design service. All of these services are now updated and included in the Clean Up Now System


We introduced the Start Up Now System featuring elite, custom resources for starting a cleaning business! Now included in the Clean Up Now System


2013 featured a new website design, new client portals, fully revised business methods and upgraded professional services that consistently over-delivered!

In August, the Grow Club had its debut. A customized service for existing cleaning services designed to increase profits while de-stressing work life. Now included with the Clean Up Now System!


The Cleaning Up Club was released. This unique service was a culmination of 10 years of research and development. It was the best selling cleaning business system of 2015! 


The Clean Up Now System is released, replacing the Cleaning Up Club. A cutting-edge turn-key business system that offers one-on-one mentoring along with high-tech tools and step-by-step action plans.

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