How much money do I need to start a cleaning business?

How much money do I need to start a cleaning business

How much money does it cost to start my own cleaning service?  

One of the great things about a cleaning business start up is that you literally start it with very little money, as little as $100. Of course the more capital you have to launch your company, the better. Optimally, $500 spent wisely would give you a good healthy start.

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We will focus on two start-up approaches.

I have some start-up capital.

If you have some money to start with, lets say between $500 and $1000. You can proceed to pick out a name, register your business, get a website, get licensed if required and start a marketing campaign. This is what I recommend.

Business legalities- $150

Cleaning supplies - $50

Start up system - $300 - $500

First marketing campaign - $100 - $500

How do I find a reputable startup system

You should get a mentor online. There are about half dozen decent ones and one really fine service - ours! Enough said. You do not want to make any costly or fatal business-mistakes right at the beginning. Errors cannot be avoided altogether but when made early on they can be very difficult to recover from.

Your business is considered a Sole Proprietorship (Sole Trader in the UK) if you do not legally register it as a business. You will want to make a point of registering it, but you can do that after you get some cash-flow coming in.

I have very little money to start.

The key to starting up with little money is the order in which you proceed. Get a system down, and just stick with it. Most people give up light-years too early. Persevere!

You will want to start by flyering. Fliering is a dirt-cheap way to generate jobs and quick cash flow. We even have techniques you can use to put off the costs of the flyering until after you have a few jobs.

If you have credit, use a bit of it for creating your fliers. This is a fairly safe bet to finance. The return on flyering is huge, if it is done right. For every hundred dollars spent on flyering, thousands can be made back in contracts. Seriously, this is an amazing deal. If you only average one job per 100 flyers, and that job brings in $100 twice a month, and you do that job for only a year, you will make $2400. To make one hundred flyers will cost you around $20.

You will need about $100 for the first round of flyers. You can even do it for cheaper if you use your own computer to design and print them out in black and white, two per page.

Once you have secured 3 - 5 jobs and have some cash flow, the next step is to register your business and pay those fees. They will cost approximately $50 -$150, depending on where you live. Then, keep flyering until you have the maximum amount of clients you want. Do not stop flyering until you hit that number. Then you will get online, and use the internet to keep the pipeline full over the long term. Flyering as an advertising method is unparalleled. It is targeted, fast, and cheap. Marketing on the internet is broad and long-term.

You need to get online.

As soon as you can, put up a professional quality website. This can run anywhere from $300 to $3,000-plus. I do not recommend that you build your own cleaning business website. This rarely looks as good as you might think it does, but even more importantly, it will do more harm than good if it screams, “I don't know what I'm doing!”

The average web-surfer has developed a sophisticated eye for websites. They will be able to discern unconsciously if yours is quality. Design intelligence is a special skill and typos are deadly. Most people are not good writers. You will need to get a pro-quality website built for you. However, a website built for you by a freelancer can run into the thousands of dollars. We have experience building business websites for our customers, and we know they are not interested in budgeting an exorbitant amount on the website. Please check out our website design service on this website.

There are few businesses that can be started for so little money and return such a good, steady income. It is worth your time to investigate whether the cleaning service business is a good fit for you.

Assumptions when starting a cleaning business

Setting up a cleaning business

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