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The Grow Club

Grow Your Cleaning Business!

Only $227!

Your business is surviving, but you want more.
Make your cleaning business thrive!

If you are a cleaning professional who has set goals, but haven't yet achieved those goals, you need a formula for success that really works.

If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your cleaning business, you already know there’s room for improvement.

But what can be done?

You need to learn how to --

  • locate gaps or weaknesses in your business and fix them
  • maximize your efforts and increase your profits
  • define your unique strengths and build on them

You can achieve greater success with your cleaning business. It is certainly possible to improve your financial bottom line, reduce stress and improve your overall business performance.

We can show you how to grow and improve
your existing cleaning business!

You see other cleaning professionals securing contracts and achieving their financial aims. It’s as though they found a winning formula.

Fact is, there is a winning formula. You can learn it, and have more satisfaction with your existing business. The road to success is not as long as you might think.

Easy once you know
If you've looked around and noticed that cleaning professionals with services similar to yours are winning the game, you probably wonder what they're doing differently.

Learn how to improve your bottom line and increase your business satisfaction in ways you never would have imagined.

How does our service work?
Our assessment plan is fast, powerful and effective business medicine. It is the same formula used by several of the biggest, most successful organizations in the world.

We take an integrated approach to find and troubleshoot weaknesses in your business.

You will learn how to:

1. Systematically assess the health of your business.

2. Discover “broken” old tactics and practices that aren’t working.

3. Replace them with “healthy” new and proven techniques.

4. Create and maintain new systems and patterns for success.

Your cleaning business has unique and specific needs. Use this powerful assessment plan easily, as it is scaled appropriately to meet your needs.

Do you want your cleaning business to grow and thrive, the way you know it can?

What is included?

1 - Direct mentoring from Ev

Ask Ev your questions about the best ways to kick your cleaning business into high gear, or about a specific situation you encountered on the job. Ev is one of the top experts on the operation of cleaning businesses, with more than 20 years of experience. He is up on all the cutting-edge Internet techniques for marketing. 

2 - Step-by-step Action Plans: 

  • How to get 10 more clients within 2 weeks.
  • Effectively promote your cleaning service online.
  • Improve the bottom line with higher-paying jobs.
  • How to keep the clients you like.
  • How to clean faster and better.
  • Building better cleaning crews.
  • How to deal with a client conflict.
  • Get outstanding results from your press release.
  • and many more!

3 - Business Planning & Execution

  • Scale your cleaning business using smart systems-thinking.
  • Deal with increased complexity and chaos as your business grows.
  • Grow your cleaning business using the four fundamental perspectives. 
  • Shape your online reputation and protect it.

4 - Custom business website
Receive a 15-page custom business website, built by Ev himself. It would cost more than $1,000 for a website this nice by any freelance web designer. Ev will work with you directly, over email and chat, to build your website. You spend a half-hour on this crucial marketing tool by filling out a design form. That's it. Done! Get on with other things. Ev builds the website for you. We have built more than 400 websites for clients.

Hassle-Free, zero-cost website hosting saves you $144 per year!

If you keep your cleaning business website for five years, that equals $720 in hosting fees. Think about that. We host your website for free on our server. The cost of becoming a member of the club more than pays for itself with this savings alone.

5 - Press release service
We have written a professional press release (PR) for you. All you have to do is insert your business name and your city or town name. We teach you how to distribute this PR to newspapers in your area, online press services and websites. More than any one step, distributing a PR is an absolute must to grow your cleaning business. Yet -- unbelievably--most businesses don’t bother with a PR because they do not know how. 

6 - Business Tools

  • Ev’s advice blog – archives going back years
  • Edit-ready business flyers (ready to use immediately)
  • Worksheets & business planning resources
  • Edit-ready contracts & forms
  • Business tools & software

You are one click away from making your cleaning business work for you!

The Grow Club Price

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SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We provide the highest quality cleaning business start-up services. If you are not fully satisfied with the method results, please write us a note describing why you are disappointed within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price.


I just want to thank you again for your service. I also wanted to let you know that thanks to all your advice we have just taken the top spot in the organic results for house cleaners in our area. We have also landed a job cleaning a Chiropractic Clinic once a week. We are starting to see results and we are very excited!  Thank you guys for all that you have done.  This is gonna be GREAT!!

Jeffrey Reid

Thanks a lot for all the help with the information you have provided in your course and in the organization and development of the web portal that you helped me build. I also want to mention the quick responses to my questions and concerns in the continued development of my web site and its marketing... you're the greatest... 

Thanks sincerely,
JR Herrmann

Hey Ev, I've been reading through all of your information. I can tell that you and Suze have put a lot of years into the industry. It show's with the quality of material that you produce.

Chris Husky

Purchasing the web-site was the best thing I could have done for getting our business found on-line. The cost was more than reasonable, It was a no brainier. I am impressed with what is included in the package, it is above and beyond what I expected. And I've been amazed at the top quality customer service from Ev and Suze. My highest recommendations.

Thank You,
John - LaGrange, OH

Everything is wonderful and overwhelming. I will need time to bring it all together in my brain. I will get back to you guys shortly there is so much information. My website looks amazing and professional. I got a job yesterday, three-story. Man, that is weird. So Easy!!!

Greg Abbott