Cleaning Business Cards

cleaning business cards

Upgrade your cleaning business cards

These days it is pretty easy and affordable to get custom made business cards online. You can even design them yourself on websites such as VistaPrint. I amazed how many cards I see that only have a phone number and email.

Do not put your email

How many people do you think are going to open up their email app / program and transcribe your email address into the address field and then craft you an email and then send it. Do you think they are more likely to search for you on Google or search for your Facebook page? Yes! But even better, you can have them bring up your website or Facebook profile with new hi-tech trick. see QRC below.

Feature your website

One mistake most small business owners make is to not put their website on their business card. It is true you want 'the call' above all else, but many people want to see your online presence first before they commit to a phone call. Instead of putting your email address which is usually lengthy and not fun to read...

( -- ugly!)

put your website instead...

That is much easier on the eyes and much more fun to go explore. Let them get to know you a bit, they are more likely to contact you after having spent some time with you on your website or a social media site.

Add your social media sites

You do have a Facebook and twitter page right? You should at least have an Instagram app on your phone so that you can take before and after pics of your cleaning jobs and share them on Instagram. Put these pics up mixed in with other local curiosities.

Add your social media urls to your business card. It should look like this:

Only put these 3 top services and not any more on your cleaning business card. Don't overwhelm with complexity and unfamiliarity. These 3 well known social networks are perfect and everyone feels comfortable with them.

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Add a QR code (QRC)

Be sure to have a QR code they can scan with their phone and directly add your contact info to their contacts or go directly to your website or Facebook page. Most people now own a smart phone that automatically knows what to do with a QRC image. Create a QRC here.

Your smart phone is now your business card!

You can just use the QR code on your phone and have the interested party scan it onto their phone and your information will be loaded into their contact information. And while you are at it, get their phone number, enter it into your phone on the spot and send them a txt with a link to your website or Facebook page.

4 creative ways to use business cards

1. Drop the card on the floor.

2. Leave your card with the bill.

3.Drop your card in a taxi.

4.Display card dispenser at local businesses, arrange a cross promotion.

5. Put a picture of your pets on the back! Give them an official title like Office Manager. This works great!

In any situation where you feel it is appropriate to promote yourself, ascertain which approach is the best. Sometimes a business card seems more casual and less aggressive and other times if you are hitting it out off and they seem very interested, use your phone to get their number and then txt them your information or better yet, have them scan your QRC.


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