The Best Student Job!

Ever wonder what the best student job may be? Why work an exhausting low paying thankless student job when you can start a cleaning business in less than two weeks and make 3 times as much. And the work is a lot less stressful and demanding than today's militant service jobs.

Some of the many benefits of cleaning as a student job are:

  • Flexible schedule to accommodate classes.
  • Set your own hours.
  • Get time off on short notice.
  • NO BOSS! You're the boss.
  • You'll be learning entrepreneurial skills that will aid you through out your life.
  • Build self-confidence and self-reliance.
  • You'll have energy for your hobbies and classes.

I and many of my friends worked our way through our education doing house cleaning. Many of my wealthy clients have said the same thing, they found it to be one of the best student jobs as well. They got their start in the professional world by cleaning houses while in school. You can specialize in house cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning or commercial cleaning or all of the above. You can start with little money, it just takes a couple of months of initiative and focus. Once you have the clients you can coast for months and even years on the initial effort.

Some other benefits of starting a cleaning business:

  • Get paid every job, probably three times a week for a student, instead on every two weeks.
  • Work close to home, no commute.
  • You don't even need a car, you can bike, walk, bus to work.
  • You can expand your services during the summer for full time work.
  • You wont have to have a different job every summer.

You can start a cleaning business anywhere, anytime and fairly quickly. So if you need to transfer to another school, you can still do the same job, just start over, you already have the experience and references.

Professional cleaning is one of the best jobs for students. 

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