Become a window cleaner

become a window cleaner

Ever thought of becoming a window cleaner? It looks like an interesting job to many people, and it is. Here are some of the main points to consider when contemplating a career in window washing.

What do you mean by “window-washer”?

Are we talking about the geared-up guys that you can spot five-hundred feet up, hanging from the side of a skyscraper, squeegeeing away in the hot sun?

Or do we mean the lithe surfer-dude on foot with a bucket, speed-washing the store window on the boardwalk at the beach? These two may represent radically different professional paths, yet they are both window washing.

The solo window-washing business is one that can be started with next-to-no money. All you need is some basic equipment and the ability to sell yourself to local businesses and homeowners. You can use guerilla marketing tactics such as flyering and social media to help get the word out.

It is seasonal

Climate is actually a big factor in this business, and seasons affect the amount of time you can tolerate conditions outside. For example, you can work year-round in Hawaii and you may have trouble getting enough jobs in the winter. The good news about winter, is that bad weather makes the windows much dirtier, but the bad news is that you may be cleaning in zero-degree temperatures. Clearly this is an easier gig if you happen to be working in the tropics, as compared to Northern Canada.

Window cleaning is an excellent part-time job that pays well. If you have an inkling that you want to try it out, get some experience by working on Saturdays, and make about $50 per hour. Working on one account every weekend would provide a satisfying second income.

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Requirements of the job:

  • Willingness to work outdoors in all weather
  • Ability to perform physical work at heights
  • Awareness of safety requirements
  • Ability to learn to use power-operated lifting equipment, for cleaning high places

If you like being out and about in the elements, always in a different environment, and you enjoy being around people and particularly like to engage in physical activity, window washing could be a good fit for you.

Self employment skills needed:

  • Organizational & scheduling
  • Self motivation & discipline
  • Planning & execution
  • Accounting & paperwork
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Communication
  • Logistics

How to clean a window

Marketing your window cleaning service

You will need a website so you can take full advantage of using the Internet and marketing your service with the help of popular social networks. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that you only need a Facebook page. You will want your service to have a Facebook presence, but it is unlikely that clients will avail of your service directly

from a Facebook page. The main reason to have the actual website is so that your service turns up in the search results for the areas (and types of businesses) in which you want to clean.

Another good reason for having a Facebook page is so that you can include it in your real-world marketing materials. When your potential customers see that you have a Facebook presence, they know that they can go there to see how you communicate with your clientele. It gives them a way to vet your business and check out your work history. However, people are generally quite distracted when they're perusing Facebook. They go there for entertainment, not so they can organize their errands or do their business planning.

So if you are a bit on the adventurous side, and enjoy doing something unusual for work, consider becoming a window washer. You can earn an excellent living doing interesting work, part-time or full-time.


A video of the life of a New York high rise window washer.

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